Tongue-in-cheek mocks




Unfortunately, it appears that Amelia was the newsreader with the lowest amount of votes on “Amber’s Newsreader Knockout”!


Sadly yes, Seems that she will be returning to reporting and working on new skills to bring to desk in a few years time.


If Gogglebox had been on air over the last couple of weeks.

You’re excuuuused from the MKR table

MKR Cheating scandal

Another look at Hughesy, We Have a Problem

MasterChef - apparently all the dishes served on the launch episodes were invented by the Greeks.

House Rules

Singing along to The Voice auditions

Back With the Ex

The Mentor and The Interview in the one sitting


New One logo for WIN now that their exclusive premium content is spreading…




Expect a call from WIN’s recruitment team any day now



Hopefully they’ll fax me soon!


Don’t forget to check your pager!


Why do I think pagers and faxes would be too advanced for Bruce? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl:


@TheHubMan will be very pleased about Prime’s new channel…


Again, I don’t think you’re allowed to show masturbation on Australian television…

That’s Prime’s licenses gone. :rofl:


How is Sky News still on air then?


Beats me.


On air?


Nah, it’ll be a Telegram - or if you’re lucky, a Telex.


They pulled a fast one with the heads.


The Seven version will be the MegaWeatherWallChannel?

Ok, I have to ask, was there a pun intended there or was it just my dirty mind?




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