Tongue-in-cheek mocks


Depends. I wasn’t thinking at all when I wrote that.


I need a friggin’ decision on that ASAP. We have our cross country tomorrow, which is never run sensibly. I usually call in “sick” that day, but because I need another day later this week for me to call in “sick”, I am going tomorrow.


I think this is probably even scarier


I mean he’s come pretty close to this in the past…


Wasn’t that when he was CEO as well?


Nope, that was a year after that he Hosted it.


Reminds me of Paul Henry…


I can hear the intro now.

“What a big day it’s been in (insert world event here)”

Don’t give Nine any ideas!


Since Josh Massoud (thankfully) won’t be reporting on rugby league for Seven’s Sydney 6pm bulletin anymore, I’ve been thinking of a couple of TV presenting roles that would probably really suit him! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve got a better one - garbage collector. :crazy_face:


Not sure whose face is scarier here, Erin or Josh’s? :thinking:


I’ve received reports from Docklands that someone new is in town to do the weekend news!


Congratulations on your promotion @Bort


7 News Melbourne will be turned into the 7 News Channel with Broughie at the helm, but only on weekends.


The heart crushing moment when Broughy saw Blake presenting in Melbourne and realised the dream was over.


Johnny Depp reminiscing with Ellen about an Australian politician whose political career is going to the dogs :slight_smile:


Something I’ve said a few times over the years (what Paul Lobb’s news/weather presenting reminds me of), but amazingly haven’t turned into a tongue-in-cheek mock until now:

Sorry, couldn’t resist! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Hamish and Lisa practising for their next “mugging”.


though I would try my own ten news mock to brighten up the topic a bitUploading...

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