Tongue-in-cheek mocks


Amber’s Newsreader knockout premiered tonight… going up against her rivals… capped this from the voting section of the episode.

I got an urge that Amber’s rigged the votes… I think Sophie may be going home… Possibly threatened that she is a better Weather & News Presenter then her…


Pick the one who is wearing grey as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • 1800 432 541
  • 1800 352 003
  • 1800 122 082

I really want to know where these numbers lead but don’t want to accidentally call like a funeral insurance place or a cashNwin game show.


They’re toll free numbers aren’t they?


I miss that set :frowning:


Yup. Meaning that the company that answers gets charged.

They are all fake numbers.


New segment coming to Today.

“We randomly ring work places and ask employees what they think of their bosses and fellow workers then broadcast that to all of Australia.”


On three Happy Hour begins every night at six…


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I know, the “Ten Testcard” idea has been done before. But…

Perhaps if Ten axes Family Feud, they could run this every weeknight between 6pm and 6.30pm? :wink:

Of course in true Network Ten On-Air Presentation style, it would be in upconverted SD on LCN-13.

In the tradition of the WIN Network always wanting to do things differently, their version of the testcard (only seen in regions without WIN News at 6pm, of course) would also be different to what Network Ten is providing them!


2/10 - needs more jumpers


WIN test pattern including Bruce


It’d be more like this:

Gotta have that famous shitstain of a watermark. :wink:


The mappy ain’t big enough.


So who was Australia’s next top news anchor?


Fergo :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Max Futcher :wink:


Something to look forward to at 5:59pm everyday over the summer -


What WIN should be doing…


Though I’d prefer it if the logo was ten. :smiley:


ten times bigger? :stuck_out_tongue: