Today Tonight


Not true at all, the current ITV sets are excellent.


Meanwhile Adelaide’s TT has had name supers pop up in a number of stories lately (about time?) + a Facebook one.

And one for the reporter:

The supers animate out from the top left for the top row, and then down for the second row (when present). And finally animate away toward the bottom right.


And tonight, a reporting super during a live cross to an Australia Day protest in Adelaide (but no live bug).


Today Tonight Adelaide promos now use an endboard with Rosanna and the TT reporters behind her, the same style as 7 News Adelaide uses at the moment. Personally I think it would look better if the single line TT logo was used with the time under it…

Also there’s now an average fuel price segment but I get the feeling it will only be around for as long as a corporation sponsors it.

Seven News Content and Appearance

Seven should not revive today Tonight as I’m sick of supermarket wars, angry neighbours, hoons, fraud, hackers, crime etc. Adelaide and Perth bulletins should be canned this year.


I’d say the accountants are glad it’s not you making the call then, because TT is still going great guns in Adelaide and Perth, be made to cut them.


They could air a test pattern at 6 in Perth and be #1. No doubt they’d remain so with a one hour news bulletin.


IMO, it’s rather obvious that Seven in Adelaide & Perth will keep running with their winning formula until (at least) the day their longserving News & TT presenters retire/quit.


Today Tonight wins the ratings in Perth & Adelaide simply because its been there for quite some time now at the same time each night. Fronted by presenters who are respected in the industry and known locally, this is reflected in the ratings. One of the many reasons why Today Tonight did not work in the East coast is because they kept chopping and changing in such a short time frame e.g Naomi Robson, Anna Coren, Matt White, Helen Kapalos, Sharyn Ghidella. Meanwhile Monika has been presenting since 1997!


I’m pretty sure people have fond memories of TT here. It (wasn’t) as sensationalist as the east coast version and the stories they covered were really good.

Remember the 7News TT promo on the couches from like the early 2000’s? That brings back memories.

Oh and at 6:30 after Jeff’s weather
Sue "That’s Seven News for this [insert day and date here], we’ll have updates throughout the evening.

Rick “Now here’s Monika with Today Tonight”

Monika “Thanks Rick & Sue great to have your company”


I’d watch that.


I wouldn’t agree that TT didn’t work on the East coast. I just think that for a number of reasons Seven decided to follow Nine when their news was extended to one hour. Overall, the 6.30 -7 time got a boost for both networks. Looking at Adelaide and Perth TT rates quite a bit lower than the 30 minute news but perhaps the news rates higher for being just 30 minutes.


And in Adelaide we had Leigh McClusky from the programs inception in 1995 until 2007, when former fill in host Rosanna Mangiarelli took over. So they’ve got great stability too.


I just wish the would do more of these closers these days. Sam Jolly seems to be the one doing the closers of Seven News these days.

On another note, TT Perth, as NewsAustralia mentioned, also had great stability. Afterall, the program was only ever fronted by Yvette Mooney (IIRC) and Monika Kos as opposed to Naomi Robson, Anna Coren, Matt White and Helen Kapalos on the east coast.


If TT gets the chop in Adelaide & Perth, obviously the News will be 1 hr. I don’t like splitting into two 30 min ratings. Why not combine it with 6pm news for one hour. At least it will provide good consistency.


Agree, keep the brand INSIDE of the news.


I think there are more problems around then splitting the ratings into two 30 min ratings. Perth and Adelaide are winning unlike the east coast so there obviously doing something right and should remain untouched. Yes, people on here may not like Today Tonight and i agree that its a bit outdated but Seven right now isn’t in the position to be chopping and changing things in there winning markets and low performing markets for that matter.


Now all it is is ‘Welcome to the programme’. Every. Darn. Night.


New in the UK on Channel 4

From the description sounds like a similar concept to the Australian show :slight_smile:


It’ll probably have more current affairs content than the Aussie version ever did … :stuck_out_tongue:


Poor Rosanna and Amelia tonight with technical issues creating a rather awkward weather cross… :frowning: but more to the point why are these issues always happening… :confused:

Rosanna in studio proceeded to begin reading the weather after Amelia’s microphone was muted part-way during her cross, all while both of them were visible on tv. Then to top it off a tomorrow preview began to play instead of showing the weather map. A think the following screenshot captures the mood and situation…