Today Tonight

Discuss everybody’s favourite current affairs shows (:wink:), which includes the local editions in Perth and Adelaide.

Tina Altieri back hosting Perths tt for the next month :grin:

Paul Makin fill-ins for Rosanna Mangiarelli. How is his presentation style, popularity with ratings etc?

Paul Makin hosted a game show in Perth 35 to 40 years ago
I think it was called 50’000.00 Letterbox

Today Tonight wasn’t on tonight in its normal capacity in Adelaide, with a joint TT/7News special taking the 6:30 slot using its own graphics on instead (not in studio). However at the end during the tomorrow preview (for regular TT) there was a new kind of tomorrow super with new logo. Perhaps this is a glimpse at a new look for TT? There’s even a 3d glossy/bevelled today tonight logo hidden away behind the flat 2d one which reminds me of the rejigged sunrise logo (also glossy with bevel effects)…


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Will be interesting if Perth have the same

No change in Perth.

A Today Tonight promo contains then new logo, so that’s as good as confirmed for Adelaide.

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The design of that logo looks suspiciously similar to the one Choice Magazine used about ten years ago or something…

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I wonder if Today Tonight could be returning to the East Coast on Monday? I’ve got no evidence but it just wouldn’t surprise me considering all these changes next week.

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There were murmurs late last year about a return but I would think Seven would currently be engaged in a huge promotional push heralding the show’s return and the credentials of the presenter if TT was returning from the dead on the east coast. They couldn’t possibly keep something so huge a secret if a return was imminent.

Apparently, a program like Today Tonight costs $17 Million a year to produce if a report (Sydney Confidential, so take it with a grain of salt) I read a while back is to be trusted. Not to mention that most of the old East Coast-based Today Tonight team has either since left the network or been redeployed into other roles such as news.

I’d imagine that if TT East Coast was really returning, by now we would’ve seen a huge promotional push and announcements of a presenter and new reporters. It’s been nearly two years, the former TT audience has undoubtedly moved on to alternatives (or switched to ACA! :stuck_out_tongue: ) by now.

Perhaps at some point in the future, Seven might revisit the concept of a nightly current/public affairs program but right now I think that Seven’s main focus would be on preparing for relaunches of Sunrise and (more than likely) the news as the Martin Place studios currently go under what is quite possibly their biggest transformation since the move in 2004.

Those graphics are clearly locally produced so I doubt they are indicative of a national relaunch (plus all the others reasons already mentioned!).

Monica Kos return to tt tonight in Perth

Which is great but my post wasn’t in reference to that. It was based on all the rumours last year and the fact that Feb 1 is shaping up to be one of the biggest days in Seven News and current affairs history.


Yes, Today Tonight would need a strong push and promotion if it were to return, so we would have heard of an announcement by now if a relaunch was Feb 1. I think the time to bring in TT would be during the Olympics in August, as it would be accessible to a much wider audience. And, if Today Tonight returns, I would much prefer it come in at 6.30 then compete against ACA.

Today Tonight caps… seems like not much more than a logo change although there may be some kind of 7 News weather update later in the programme (to be confirmed)

Start of TT

Various studio shots

Coming up (including old graphics sneaking in… oops!)

Story intro

Weather in TT (new)


Close (copyright is in the old style)


That is a great looking studio, except for that plasma next to the presenter - makes it look old and clunky.

Perth have had the the weather report on tt for months

Some more caps from tonight. The promo watermark has been altered.

In today tonight itself, some different transitions were used (I guess there are several variants used at random) and the old “coming up” graphic which snuck into last night’s edition has been fixed.