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Why reinvent the wheel…

What is wrong with reverting to 30 minutes of news, 30 minutes of TT/New Program before H&A at 7pm?

It would provide a number of significant points of different, beat ACA to the punch by 30 minutes (particularly when both programs had so many similar stories each night in times gone by - I’m not necessarily suggesting they should revert back to this style of show), and didn’t TT often rate higher than the 6pm half hour?


It’s totally not needed. H&A has ups and downs, just seems like a quiet patch at present.


Nothing, except Seven wanting to stay neck-and-neck with Nine in every aspect, otherwise Nine has a promotional point-of-difference (‘The only network with an hour of news at six!’)

Seven and Nine have been playing this game of one-upmanship for many years. The 4.30 was Seven’s idea which was eventually copied by Nine. And nobody seems to remember the short-lived 7pm news bulletins on 7TWO and Gem.


Given the problems on the East Coast, especially Sydney. They really should go with 30 minutes of news, 30 minutes of “current affairs”, and then Home & Away.

“Concise, and to the point” or something similar could be the tag line for 7 News at 6.

“More on the issues that matter to you” or some guff like that for TT for whatever the “current affairs” show at 6.30 will be.

I mean, it’s the two-headed format works well enough in Adelaide and Perth that Seven didn’t dare to tinker with it when they went to an hour on the East.


Today Tonight Adelaide did a live cross to a 7 News reporter at Dreamworld today to run through updated details of the tragic incident there. There was a live bug - I don’t recall seeing a TT-themed one before:


The reality is Today Tonight won’t return and there is no plan. The hour news is safe.” If there was any sort of new daily current affairs show, it would have to exist outside of the 6pm one-hour news.

Seven News Content and Appearance

As long as they can do something about their 7pm lead-out (Home and Away), I don’t mind not having TT on the east coast, although TT should be retained in Adelaide and Perth, as they have been very successful.

On a different note, if there was any chance at all TT returned to the East coast, who would present it? Mel Doyle along with Sunday Night, or will they poach someone else?


I know McPherson has ruled it out (for now)…

But a Naomi Robson comeback would be great :grin:

She dominated the east coast ratings for so long & proved very popular.

She’s still around the traps & was at Seven’s 60th Anniversary celebrations last night too.

Home and Away is the only problem (a long running soapie, is something Ch 9 have never had to deal with). Either move it to 7Two or cut the 6pm News back to 30mins (which it is in Adel / Per anyway)?


Personally, I hope that Today Tonight is never revived on the East Coast. Aside from the fact that I despise programs like this (and ACA certainly isn’t much better in this regard), it’s been nearly three years since it was axed. One would like to think that the East Coast has well and truly moved on from TT by now.

I think that a Naomi Robson comeback is highly unlikely too. A very controversial presenter (especially towards the end of her time on the show) with the leaked outtakes, the Wa Wa debacle, presenting coverage of Steve Irwin’s death with a lizard on her neck, etc. Mind you, at the same time I do wonder what Naomi Robson is even doing these days?! I don’t think we’ve heard much from her since she was on Dancing With The Stars and that was back in 2007! :open_mouth:

As far as Home & Away is concerned (which is for another topic, mind you), that show has certainly seen better days in the ratings. I don’t think Seven are likely to axe it anytime soon but I definitely think they need to do something to reinvigorate some interest in markets like Sydney & Melbourne where H&A is often 3rd in it’s timeslot.

Although isn’t Seven News in Adelaide & Perth hour long on (most) weekends these days?

They probably wouldn’t until Rick/Sue and John/Jane retire at the very earliest but if Seven’s Perth & Adelaide 6pm bulletins were extended to an hour on weeknights, I’m sure that viewers in those two cities would continue to watch it (Like how Perth/Adelaide will watch almost everything else that airs on Seven in large numbers!).


Hadn’t watched Today Tonight in a while in Perth but the graphics look like it’s changed

Here are some caps


Strange time to change the graphics


Who is that presenter?


Tina Alteri


Tina fills in when Monica Kos takes hols


The proportions of that set look terrible, I take it that is chroma key similarly to their 7 News set or is it the same? Either way, it’s awful


I really wonder what she does when Monika presents (produce?)


It looks like she mostly does media training and that sort of thing, I imagine she is with Seven on a freelance basis rather than a full contract.


It is the same set as 7 News Perth. Perth viewers don’t get a sign-off from Rick and Sue, instead the weather presenter Samantha Jolly hands over to TT. Similar to what Seven News Brisbane was doing with the local TT.


The set is absolute shit, nothing is good when it’s a virtual set. If they built an ACTUAL SET based on the same design as their virtual set it will still look better than it is now. They’re not using their ‘set’ wisely as well, monika could sit at where Basil Zempilas is sitting so Rick and Sue can do a proper sign off and throw it to Monika who is sitting next door. Presentation Wise, Nine, Ten and even the ABC wins this battle in Perth by a long shot.


Sort of what TT Adelaide do/did.