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A small change to Today Tonight Adelaide’s handover from 7 News sees the set plasma removed from the shot (but still on set as spotted during TT’s closing wide shot), and now the news room televisions say Today Tonight Adelaide (previously it just said Adelaide).

Also, on the eve of the election as part of a story on the ‘good, bad and ugly’ of election ads, the set lighting was turned down. I quite like this look for something different! :slight_smile:


I really like that presentation, it’s refreshingly modern in comparison to the east coast Seven News sets.


Should have mentioned earlier that Today Tonight looks to be out for the duration of games in Adelaide and Perth. News 6-6.30


That would be correct


Very interesting that Today Tonight Adelaide/Perth will not be running during the Olympics but the half hour 6pm bulletins are being kept.

Wonder if there’s a particular reason for that, especially when the East Coast will be keeping it’s usual hour long bulletins on during the Olympics and (as far as I can tell), there won’t be any live Olympics coverage on during 6pm-7pm in any market.


The guides show that Rio Today is being shown at 5:00pm in Perth, so it’s live, with the 6:00-6:30 part on 7Two. The Chase is on at 4:00pm (all iirc).


Rio Today will be live into Adelaide from 6:30pm local time (7pm AEST).

Looks like it will be on delay into Perth from 6:30pm until they join live coverage from about 9pm.


Not correct live coverage is from 8pm perth time


Not according to all the TV guides I’m looking at which have Rio Today until 9pm (though live events do start earlier on the multichannels if that’s what you mean?).


Today Tonight Adelaide’s last programme before its Olympic break had a few interesting moments worthy of a cap. First the good…name supers make an appearance (finally?):

And the ‘oops’, where the use of a key during the weather (presented on set) didn’t go to plan - not that Amelia was the slightest bit worried or distracted by the technical glitch:


The Sunday Telegraph reports today that Seven is considering whether to revive the east coast edition of Today Tonight at 7pm, with Home and Away moving to 7TWO. The report says the decision hinges on whether TT can produce the right audience mix to lead into Seven’s primetime programs such as The X Factor and My Kitchen Rules.


I think its safe to say this is on the cards…


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I think an easy solution is to extend the news to one hour in Adelaide and Perth, with TT moving to 7pm.


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Personally I think it would be a ridiculous move by Seven to reinstate Today Tonight on the East Coast after 2-3 years of hibernation. Not just because I despise such “current/public affairs” programs (and yes, ACA is just as bad if not worse at times), but because the East Coast has well and truly moved on from TT by now…at least you’d like to think so anyway.

And yes, I agree with Johnston. It would be easy enough to extend the news to an hour on weeknights in Adelaide and Perth (because I’m sure those two markets currently have Seven News for an hour on weekends) and move TT to 7pm. Knowing what the ratings are like for Seven in Adelaide and especially Perth, people there would probably watch the station no matter what they put on in the early evening hours.


Seven could always keep Adelaide’s news as a 30 minute bulletin and thus retain H&A in the 7pm slot for 7 / 7HD, thereby fueling the HD vs not HD in different markets debate which has been an ongoing discussion with 7mate and 7… :smirk: :anguished:

Who am I kidding, why on earth would Seven do that! But then again…


Naomi m8 what’s good?


Sunday’s one hour in both Adelaide and Perth rates better than Seven’s 30 minute weekday bulletin. Saturday rates less.


I think this is inevitable but I’d like to see TT take a different direction or it be called something else. I’d hate to see H&A fritter away and become so low rating like Neighbours on 11. I think it’s more popular now though than when Neighbours moved. If 7 could successfully promote this, H&A could potentially be the highest rating show on a multichannel by miles and add to their overall share.