Today Extra

Today Extra returned very competitive winning Melbourne and Brisbane and despite not being shown in Perth was just 20k behind TMS


Along with The Today Show, is Today Extra now regularly winning Melbourne?

Only first day back this year.

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Don’t they normally get zero there anyway? lol

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Today Extra was briefly interrupted for a media conference from Bronco players.

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Desperate attempt to stop the US customs blocking them from entering the country :joy:


That’s some terrible advice lol. Is this cause they can’t use Kamaal anymore?

Think so lol

What? (not a retort genuine question)

I don’t know any context on this, but that’s not seriously Richard Wilkins in blackface on television in 2024 is it?

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Where did that come from?!? No, of course it’s not.

Having a dark tan is not the same as blackface.

Doesn’t help that he’s sitting in a dark corner of the country’s darkest and most depressing studio.

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I didn’t even notice the tan. Just that they usually use Kamaal but he’s been weird lately.

The hat didn’t help as well.

Richard hosting - starting slightly late


Today Extra showing “breaking news” and rolling coverage of “Taylor’s Swift’s boyfriend arriving at Sydney airport”. FFS. :roll_eyes:

They said they had live footage from a chopper over the airport. That can’t be safe. Even the presenters were half giggling that they had to present this as a breaking news story.


Travis and Dickie (and his son) will probably be in the same VIP box on the weekend.

No one cares.


I hope they provide you with an announcement because you’ll unbearable if they don’t.

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