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Does Davina work Friday’s too now given she sits at the desk as newsreader?
[/quote] No Peter Stefanovic has read and will I assume read TODAY Extra news as well as Morning and Afternoon News on Fridays. Really, it is who reads the Morning/Afternoon News will read TODAY Extra news updates

Georgie Gardner hosting with David today.

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Sonia is recording The Voice blind auditions this week (two sessions each day from Tuesday to Friday) so you may not see her on Today Extra at all until next week.

@JohnsonTV your right Sonia is off the show all this week. Georgie filling in for her this week.

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Why is this today extra crap still branded as live? That’s pretty piss poor.
[/quote] What do you mean? Today Extra is live in some states. If you are referring to the Saturday repeat, it is easier for the producers just to edit footage of the week’s show instead of the graphics. Everyone should know that it is pre-recorded. Anyway, when the host says " for more we go LIVE to…", isn’t that the same thing?

Georgie Gardner hosted again on Friday March 4th. A promo aired last week promoting TODAY’s ‘We Love Australia’ tour and at the end Sonia and David were included. So does that mean they will be going?

Georgie Gardner co-hosted Tuesday-Thursday last week. Sonia doing Monday and Friday, who I presume was doing The Voice.

Georgie Gardner hosted on Thursday (17.03.16).

Ratings for Today Extra added to today’s report.

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The Voice was not on last week, but it will be on next week for super battles (March 22 to 24).

Sonia was off doing a Target “fashion show”. They interviewed her from Melbourne on the show.

This week (21.03.16-25.03.16):

Monday-Friday: Georgie Gardner co-hosting again this week with DC.

  • Gee Georgie might as well have stayed with the Today Show, just do less days. Sonia is rarely there yet beat TMS for the first time EVER in TMS tenure last week.

Tuesday (05.04.16)- Wednesday ( 06.04.16): The lovely Georgie Gardner has been co-hosting Today Extra with David Campbell.

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Sonia was at Fox Studios all day yesterday recording the super battles episodes of The Voice. With live shows about two months away, Sonia can concentrate on Today Extra from now on.

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Sonia can concentrate on Today Extra from now on.
[/quote] No way in the world would I be complaining about Georgie hosting.

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Ben Fordham co-hosting with Sonia this week while David is on holidays.


Monday (09.05.16): Richard Wilkins co-hosted the Post-Logies edition with Sonia from Melbourne.

Tuesday(10.05.16)-Friday (13.05.16): Ben Fordham continuing his fill-in co-hosting role.

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David Campbell is back next week.

Wednesday(25.05.16)-Friday (27.05.16) : Georgie Gardner co-hosting.

Amber Sherlock hosted on Monday with David.

It’s to my understanding that this morning’s edition of Today Extra was a pre-recorded show for audiences outside of Sydney/NSW, because the Gold Telethon is using Studio 22 (where Today/Today Extra is usually presented).

EDIT: Scratch that, it was live.

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