Tipping Point

I saw a promo on Nine yesterday for a game show that is going to become “your new afternoon obsession” but I can’t remember the name of it sorry


Tipping Point?

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I wonder if there is a new game show, that Hot Seat revert back to 30 minutes a night, and air the new one at 5pm? If successful, then swap Hot Seat and the new game show around?


This one? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tipping_Point_(game_show)
Will Nine show the original ITV version (which is one hour long) or commission a local version?

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Looks like Nine may have picked up the local format rights and will be giving it a trial run over Christmas/New Year.


Well, I think we all know what one of the format tweaks for any Australian version of Tipping Point will be…

Before final round: “It begins right after the news headlines”!


And some people thought Pointless was boring. For once I hope they don’t stick to the original format and go for someone who isn’t dull as wallpaper to play the Ben Shephard role

I just watched part of a couple of episodes in the UK. Looked interesting. Mix of knowledge and luck.

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It’s not replacing Hot Seat… yet. Both will run but in different timeslots.

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How do you know?

Here’s what I’ve been able to find out about Tipping Point:

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That sounds like the trial run could be early afternoon rather than instead of Millionaire?

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I think that’s what it’ll end up being. A trial run in the afternoon to see if it gets any traction. Replacing millionaire from the get-go isn’t really an option due to the headlines it will create.


Given a typical episode of Tipping Point is one hour long, I can’t see how Nine can fit both the new show and Hot Seat on the main channel at once.

I also think, should Nine also air the UK version, it would air at 2:00pm or even 3:00pm (though this would mean Nine News Now gets brought forward one hour earlier so as to go directly H2H with The Daily Edition, and Tipping Point goes H2H with The Chase. In the UK, Tipping Point airs at 4:00pm and The Chase at 5:00pm).

Here’s what I think Nine should do -

12:00pm Ellen
1:00pm ??
2:00pm Nine News Now
3:00pm Tipping Point (UK version)
4:00pm Nine Afternoon News
5:00pm Tipping Point Australia
6:00pm Nine News
7:00pm ACA

If Millionaire Hot Seat does not cop the axe, it should move to 9Gem.

I’m thinking the trial could possibly be at 1:00 or 2:00pm, so it doesn’t affect the existing regular schedule.

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Replacing Hot Seat immediately with an untested product is too risky. And that could jeopardise 6pm. But, yes, if Tipping Point is popular it will replace Hot Seat.

I understand that it won’t affect the 3pm news. So it will likely be slotted against The Daily Edition to try and boost the afternoon numbers earlier in the day.


Why do we need two versions of the same game show on air? Just because Seven did it, doesn’t mean Nine needs to be a copycat.


I think viewers on Nine may also want to sample the UK format as well.

In 2011, GO! or Gem (can’t remember which) aired the US version of The Voice, before Nine decided to press ahead with launching a local version in 2012.

Nine’s afternoons are pretty full - The Block encore at 2pm (1.30 on Monday) - already outrates Daily Edition. Plus on two days Seachanage and This Time Next Year get the 1pm timeslot. Might wait until The Block has finished.


TVT reporting that it could possibly go up against The Chase UK and that it would be the UK version - not a local version.

Could this be the end of Nine News Now? Could it go up against The Daily Edition?