The Voice

The fight to stay in competition intensifies

Superstar coaches face tough decisions on The Voice Callbacks

Tonight on The Voice, the fight to stay in the competition intensified as Australia’s newest vocal stars faced The Callbacks on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Superstar coaches Jason Derulo, Rita Ora, Guy Sebastian and Jessica Mauboy grouped their artists in trios to perform songs chosen by each coach. One artist from each trio went straight through to The Battles, one was given a lifeline – a final chance to wow their coach at the world-first Ultimate Callbacks – and one artist exited the competition.

Guy’s first trio was tasked with classic Aretha Franklin songs. Marley Sola wowed with You’ll Never Walk Alone and Guy sent him straight to The Battles, saying: “You did it flawlessly.”

Michaela Jayde’s “smoked honey” voice on You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman earned her a lifeline, while Libby Worboys left the competition.

Guy’s second trio performed Miley Cyrus songs. Bella Mackenzie’s rendition of Slide Away slid her straight into The Battles, Robbie Hunt’s take on Wrecking Ball earnt a spot in Guy’s Ultimate Callback, while Jaxon Cornell left the competition as Guy said: “I’m so proud of you.”

Jason’s first trio of powerhouse voices were tasked with Katy Perry songs. Maree Mamalis was no Dark Horse, and “literally just blew this place up,” earning a spot at The Battles. Calista Nelmes’ “fresh out of the gate perfection” of When I’m Gone saw her progress to The Ultimate Callbacks, while Caitlyn Bamber left the competition.

Jason’s second trio saw Andrew Taylor Knight move to The Battles with Bring Him Home from Les Misérables. Jason said: “Andrew you can sing better than almost anyone.” Alex Jeans proved himself with “technically a perfect vocal” on Bon Jovi’s Bed of Roses, while Charlette Ginu exited The Voice.

Rita tasked her first trio with a theme of epic collaborations. Nyree Huyser “smashed” her rendition of Bang, Bang by Jessie J featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, progressing to the next round. Ben Esber’s “unbelievable” vocals on Lovely by Khalid featuring Billie Eilish secured a spot in The Ultimate Callback, while Cruize Karaitania left the competition.

Rita’s trio of young guns saw Elsa Marilyn’s stunning version of Eva Cassidy’s Songbird earn her a spot in The Battles. Gezel Bardossi’s performance of Mercy by Duffy secured the 12-year-old another chance to sing at The Ultimate Callback, while Sihana Haxhnikaj was sent home.

Jess’ first trio took songs they have performed on their TikTok to a new level. David Amuma secured a Battle spot with Imagine by John Lennon. Sean Millis went to The Ultimate Callback with Lewis Capaldi’s Bruises, while Dan Daniels left the competition.

Jess’s next trio performed songs by Aussie icons. Giann Jordan’s Run To Paradise by The Choirboys topped the trio and secured her spot in The Battles. The Bushwackers Solid Rock by Goanna saw them progress to The Ultimate Callback, while Tiarose Burgess departed The Voice.

See tonight’s incredible performances :

Bella Mackenzie sings Slide Away by Miley Cyrus

Marley Sola performs Aretha Franklin’s You’ll Never Walk Alone

Maree Mamalis sings Katy Perry hit Dark Horse

Andrew Taylor Knight performs Bring Him Home from Les Misérables

Nyree Huyser sings Bang, Bang by Jessie J featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj

David Aumua performs Imagine by John Lennon

Elsa Marilyn sings Eva Cassidy’s version of Songbird

Giann Jordan performs Run To Paradise by The Choirboys

Tomorrow 7.30pm on The Voice: The Callbacks continue as the race to The Battles heats up, Guy throws a curveball and Jason doesn’t hold back.

How long did The Blinds actually take to record

Blinds are usually filmed over 6-7 hrs. Tonight it was the callbacks which were filmed in a different studio, not sure how long they took.

The Voice hotline heats up

Artists put through, left on hold and disconnected in The Callbacks

Tonight on The Voice, the remaining artists fought for their place on stage in the second half of The Callbacks.

Grouping their remaining artists into trios, superstar coaches Jason Derulo, Rita Ora, Guy Sebastian and Jessica Mauboy sent one artist from each group straight to The Battles, gifted another a second chance at The Ultimate Callback and sent the third home.

Rita faced an impossible decision after she tasked her first trio with iconic Cher hits, declaring: “That was the best callback I have ever seen. I’m speechless.” Emotional as she left The Voice stage, Rita needed a minute to process: “the hardest decision I have ever made in my experience as a coach.”

In the end, Tarryn Stokes singing Cher’s version of The Winner Takes It All by ABBA secured her position in The Battles; Emily Kate’s rendition of Believe was strong enough to give her a second chance at The Ultimate Callback; while Gabby Asta was sent home.

Taking on UK pop hits, Jason’s first trio saw Ethan Beckton solidify his place in The Battles with Let It Go by James Bay. Jade Talbot progressed to The Ultimate Callback for her take on Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain, while Christian Ellis was eliminated.

Guy’s first trio took on songs performed by groups, with Elly Poletti’s technically brilliant” version of Emotion by Destiny Child sending her to The Battles.

Guy granted Jaydean Miranda a second chance to prove himself in The Ultimate Callback after his rendition of I’ll Be There by Jackson 5, while it was the end of the road for boyband Overnight.

The first trio from Team Jess took on Lady Gaga hits. Jade Taunton blew Jess away with I’ll Never Love Again, earning her place in The Battles. Shyjana’s take on Rain on Me earnt a lifeline to The Ultimate Callback, while Nenah Jones took her curtain call.

Jason tasked his next trio with some of Michael Jackson’s toughest songs. Etienne Steven surprised Jason with her performance of Man In The Mirror, earning a fast pass to The Battles.

Callum Warrender’s rendition of Ben saw him through to The Ultimate Callback, while cousins Tee Toleafoa and Raye Alapati were eliminated.

Rita challenged her final team with disco hits. Levi X put his own spin on Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive to progress through. Nick Cunningham was out of his comfort zone on Candi Staton’s Young Hearts Run Free – but secured a lifeline – while The Voice stage lights faded on Brenda Bressed’s time in the competition.

Guy’s last group performed some of the biggest pop songs ever written. Charlie Pittman was a Teenage Dream with his take on the Katy Perry classic, earning a place in The Battles. Shanae Watson proved her vocal chops on Britney Spears’ Stronger, landing a place in The Ultimate Callback. Maz Green was eliminated.

Jess’ final team blew all the coaches away with James Brown classics, with Jess admitting: “That was so intense.” Dillon Rhodes proved there’s “no one in the competition like him” and moved to The Battles with Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag.

Ezra Williams received a standing ovation and spot in The Ultimate Callback with I Got You (I Feel Good), meaning Trisha Godinet said goodbye.

See tonight’s incredible performances :

Tarryn Stokes sings ABBA’s The Winner Takes It All
Ethan Beckton performs Let It Go by James Bay

Elly Poletti sings Emotion by Destiny’s Child

Jade Taunton takes on Lady Gaga’s I’ll Never Love Again

Etienne Steven performs Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson

Levi X sings I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

Charlie Pittman performs Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

Dillon Rhodes sings Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

Sunday 7.00pm on The Voice: In The Ultimate Callback, artists enter a make-or-break round with one last shot for a coveted spot at The Battles, while Jason goes rogue.

I think each artist performed a 60-second version of the chosen song in front of the studio audience, but some performances were cut down to a few seconds in post-production.

Disney Studios at Moore Park.

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A shock withdrawal and rogue move

Night of twists and turns rocks The Voice

Tonight, a shock withdrawal rocked The Voice as one hopeful stepped aside, while superstar coach Jason Derulo went rouge after an impossible decision. The Ultimate Callbacks saw bombshell twists and turns as artists were thrown a lifeline for one last chance at a coveted spot in The Battles.

In a move that shocked everyone, The Bushwackers withdrew from The Voice after performing Paul Kelly’s Dumb Things in their Ultimate Callback duel with powerhouse singer Ezra Williams.

As coach Jessica Mauboy weighed up the impossible decision of who to send to The Battles, Bushwackers member Dobe Newton interjected: “I think we can make this easier for you. This show and the challenges to come – we think – are about people just beginning on their career journey, so Roger and I have decided that you need Ezra in your Battle team.”

Shocked, Ezra asked: “Are you sure?”

Accepting the decision, an emotional Jess joined The Bushwackers on stage for a special farewell performance of their Blind Audition song I am Australian.

Team Jason’s “battle for the ages” saw both Callum Warrender and Alex Jeans stretch their vocal ability with incredible performances of Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing and Dream On.

A struggling Jason said: “I can’t choose. I’m going to I take both of you to The Battles.” He then asked host Sonia Kruger: “Can I do that?”

The Voice producers agreed Jason could advance Alex and Callum to the next round setting up a monumental three-way sing-off in The Battles.

Jason also sent Calista Nelmes to The Battles after a performance of Skyscraper by Demi Lovato that was “so powerful it literally tore the roof off this place”, while Jade Talbot left the competition.

In Team Jess’ second Ultimate Callback, Shyjana moved to The Battles with her performance of Birdy’s People Help The People, while Sean Millis departed the competition.

Team Guy artist Robbie Hunt secured his battle spot with a rocking performance of Elvis Presley’s Blue Suede Shoes. Guy admitted: “I saw a different side to you. You are more than just a TikToker; you’re a performer.” Shanae Watson’s “incredible job” in the Ultimate Callback wasn’t enough and she was eliminated from The Voice.

Jayden Miranda progressed to Guy’s Battle team with his “exquisite” vocals on Leave The Door Open by Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, while Micaela Jayde departed the competition.

Rita admitted 12-year-old Gezel Bardossi’s voice “feels like it’s been alive way longer than you” as she advanced to the next round with her version of Brittney Spears’ Toxic, while Ben Esber was eliminated.

Rita also took Emily Kate to The Battles after her incredible rendition I Will Always Love you by Dolly Parton, while Nick Cunningham went home.

See tonight’s incredible performances :

Alex Jeans belts out Aerosmith’s Dream On
Callum Warrender sings Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Calista Nelmes performs Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper

Robbie Hunt sings Elvis Presley’s Blue Suede Shoes

Ezra Williams sings Pat Benatar’s Love Is A Battlefield

Shyjana performs Birdy’s People Help The People
Jaydean Miranda sings Leave The Door Open by Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak
Emily Kate performs the Dolly Parton classic I Will Always Love You

Gezel Bardossi takes on Britney Spears hit Toxic

Sunday 7.00pm on The Voice: Team Jason and Team Guy’s artists take to the supersized Voice arena hoping to snatch a spot in the Semi Final. Plus, a three-way battle with an impossible choice.

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While it was a great gesture by The Bushwackers to allow Ezra through to the battles, I wonder if it would have happened at all had they not been paired initially by Jess.

Also, as mobile phones are banned during the recording, the studio audience was not able to capture the moment Jess going on stage to sing I Am Australian with The Bushwackers.

I’m still finding Sonia Kruger’s autocue reading jarring. She’s not as good as ad-libbing on this show, compared to DWTS.

I had a feeling that The Bushwackers would be the ones leaving last night.

I’m liking Jason Derulo on this. All four judges seem to get along with each other, and less fighting compared to some previous seasons.

Does Guy have any family or friends competing this season?

Haven’t you found any conspiracies yet?

I’m saving that for The Block

I stopped watching last week. The fake drama is not needed on a singing contest.


Fake drama is not needed on any televised contest!!!

It, along with the blatant product placement (the Block is a 90 minute advert) are the main reasons I haven’t watched any of the ‘alleged’ reality / cooking / singing / reno / competition shows of any kind for over a decade.

Endless repeats on the multi channels are infinitely more entertaining.

Synopsis for tonight’s battles 1

The Battles are here! Our coaches will again cut their teams down, from six to two, as their artists go head-to-head for a coveted spot in the Semi-Final.

Tonight, in round one of The Battles, the artists from Team Jason and Team Guy will take to The Voice stage.

But winning the battle is only the beginning. Of the three Battles victors on each team, one will receive a Fast Pass straight through to the Semi Final, while the other two will have to Sing for Their Life in a do-or-die performance to secure that last spot.

Who will succeed? Who will go home? And when faced with his most difficult decision yet, what choice will Jason make?

Jason’s supergroup snub

Fierce Voice Battles see first Semi Finalists locked in

Tonight on The Voice, superstar coaches Jessica Mauboy and Jason Derulo soared with the first performance together of their new single Give You Love, before the artists from Team Jason and Team Guy went head-to-head in the Battle arena to secure a life-changing spot in the Semi Final.

Performing the same song in a captivating duet, one artist from each Battle was eliminated, leaving three winners remaining. In a tough decision for Jason and Guy, one winner received a Semi Final fast pass – sending them directly to the next stage – while the remaining Battle winners faced off in a Sing For Your Life.

After breaking the rules in the previous round, Jason’s epic three-way Battle between musical theatre maestro Callum Warrender, rocker Alex Jeans and opera singer Andrew Taylor Knight saw the trio perform You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban and leave Jason requesting more time to decide his Battle winner, before offering another extraordinary proposal.

Asking all three performers to create a supergroup, he left their future in their hands: “Separately you are really unbelievable. Together as a group you are unstoppable; so, my question to you is: will the three of you as a unit join me for the Semi Final?”

Overwhelmed, Callum, Alex and Andrew took a moment to discuss the proposal. Rita, Guy and Jessica were shocked but ultimately agreed with the move, as Rita observed: “They are incredible together, it does make sense.”

On behalf of the trio, Callum responded: “The offer is so incredible, and it just warms out hearts that you even think that is a possibly… but together we have decided that we are singular artists. We believe in ourselves, we believe in our artistry enough separately that one of us still deserves a spot in that Semi Final.”

Astonished after they rejected his supergroup proposal, Jason sent a shocked Callum to the Semi Final.

Jason’s “ready-made artist” Ethan Beckton secured a Semi Final fast pass after he won his battle against Etienne Steven performing Ceilings by Lizzy McAlpine.

Guy awarded Charlie Pittman his Semi Final fast pass after he won the ballad battle against Robbie Hunt. Their emotional performance of Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars earnt a standing ovation as the singers shared their vulnerability and grief, bonding over the recent loss of their fathers.

Guy commented that Charlie is: “Someone who has a lot left in the tank to give, someone who legitimately I see will be a stayer and have some level of industry success.”

Team Guy’s Bella Mackenzie also secured a life-changing Semi Final place after winning her Battle with Jaydean Miranda and Sing For Your Life against Marley Sola. On his decision, Guy shared: “The thing that is guiding my gut is really about who I can help the most.”

Bella said: “This is my shot to start off my career. I want to be that Australian touring artist playing stadiums all over the world”.

Tonight’s eliminated artists were Alex Jeans, Andrew Taylor Knight, Calista Nelmes and Etienne Steven from Team Jason and Marley Sola, Robbie Hunt and Elly Poletti from Team Guy.

Semi Finalists:

Team Guy – Bella Mackenzie and Charlie Pittman

Team Jason – Callum Warrender and Ethan Beckton

See tonight’s incredible performances :

Superstar coaches Jessica Mauboy and Jason Derulo perform Give You Love
Epic three-way Battle between Andrew, Callum and Alex performing Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up
Robbie and Charlie sing Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars in The Voice Battle ring
Etienne and Ethan hit a Battle high on Lizzy McAlpine’s Ceilings

Elly and Marley bring The Battle feels on Bonnie Raitt’s I Can’t Make You Love Me

Bella takes on Jaydean in The Battle ring with Maren Morris’ The Bones

Maree and Calista sing Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato’s Fall in Line on The Voice Battles
Callum Warrender Sings For His Life with Into The Unknown by Indina Menzel and AURORA from Frozen
Bella Mackenzie Sings For Her Life with Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

Sunday 7.00pm on The Voice: Team Jess and Team Rita’s remaining artists vie for a place in the Semi Final, plus Rita Ora takes to The Voice stage with a special performance.

The Voice Continues 7.00pm Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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Why was Jason allowed to bend the rules again? After Callum, Alex and Andrew did their battle, Jason should have declared the winner at that point, rather than allowing them to sing for their lives.


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Synopsis for tonight’s battles 2

It’s the second and final night of The Voice Battles. Tonight the artists on Team Jess and Team Rita vie for a place in the upcoming Semi-Final.

Featuring mind-blowing head-to-head performances from supermums, Nyree and Tarryn; funky soul singers, Dillon and Ezra; and some of the youngest performers in the competition this year.

Who will make it straight through to the Semi Final? Whose Voice dream will end tonight? And which artists will have to Sing For Their Life in this thrilling conclusion to The Voice Battles.


Rita performed Praising You at the start of battles 2, a re-worked version of Fatboy Slim’s 1998 hit Praise You.

Tears and triumph on The Voice

Poignant goodbyes and powerhouse performances in the Battle for Semi Finals

Emotions ran high on The Voice tonight as Rita Ora and Jessica Mauboy’s top six artists hit the Battle ring to vie for a place in the Semi Final, as superstar coach Rita stunned on stage performing her single Praising You.

One artist from each team received a Semi Final Fast Pass, while one more secured their spot after a sing-off in front of their coaches.

Powerhouse performers Nyree Huyser and Tarryn Stokes left Rita with an impossible choice after putting their Heart into the epic ballad Alone. Rita asked for more time, pulling her whole team back on stage to make some tough calls.

Emily Kate was awarded Rita’s Semi Final Fast Pass, commenting it was a “no brainer seeing the growth and taking on board advice and really turning into a superstar”.

Tarryn and Nyree Sang For Their Life, with show-stopping performances of Anyone by Demi Lovato and Alphaville’s Forever Young.

Emotional, Rita said: “Both of you are just ready, but I can only take one…I’m sorry now because you both deserve it,” before awarding Tarryn a Semi Final berth.

Young guns Gezel Bardossi and Elsa Marilyn departed the competition as Rita congratulated her “two little stars” stating “all you need is a bit more experience and growth”.

David Aumua came out of his shell and won his emotional Battle, securing a Fast Pass from coach Jess. Grateful, he said: “I won’t let you down.”

Jess took “soul sister” Ezra Williams to the Semi Final as an “artist that has given their all, risen to the occasion and left nothing behind,” after Ezra’s powerful Sing For Your Life showdown with Shyjana.

Giaan Jordan left The Voice, but the young star was praised for continuing her Battle after momentarily forgetting the words to Justin Bieber’s Hold On. In a poignant goodbye, Giaan told mentor Jess: “I really looked up to you as a little girl. I would see you on my TV, you’d make me feel better about myself. You’ve taught me so much. I’m so grateful to have met you.”

Moved, Jess said: “I want to tell you how powerful you’ve been. For every little girl watching at home struggling with those same feelings, those same insecurities, you challenged that.”

Tonight’s eliminated artists were Gezel Bardossi, Elsa Marilyn, Nyree Huyser and Levi X from Team Rita; and Giaan Jordan, Shyjana, Jade Taunton and Dillon Rhodes from Team Jess.

The Voice 2023 Semi Finalists:

Team Jess – David Aumua and Ezra Williams

Team Rita – Emily Kate and Tarryn Stokes

Team Guy – Bella Mackenzie and Charlie Pittman

Team Jason – Callum Warrender and Ethan Beckton

See tonight’s incredible performances :

Coach Rita Ora performs her Fatboy Slim collaboration Praising You
Nyree and Tarryn Battle it out on Heart’s Alone
Dillon and Ezra sing Portugal The Man’s Feel It Still in The Voice Battle ring
Jade and David perform Pink’s What About Us on The Voice Battles
Levi and Emily take to the Battle ring with Soft Cell’s Tainted Love
Giann and Shyjana perform Justin Bieber’s Hold On
Elsa and Gezel sing Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know
Tarryn Sings For Her Life with Demi Lovato’s Anyone
Ezra Sings For Her Life with Another One Bites The Dust

Sunday 7.00pm on The Voice: In the epic Semi Final of The Voice, eight artists go head-to-head to fight for their place in the Grand Finale.

Why did Rita pick two teenage contestants (Gezel and Elsa) for a battle, only to eliminate both of them at the end? Just so unfair.