The Voice

Get set for the Grand Finale

Lachie, Thando, Jordan and Faith have Voice victory within reach

Tonight on The Voice , breathtaking performances and soaring emotions took the Semi-Final to new heights as the artists vied for a life-changing spot in The Voice Grand Finale, 7.00pm next Sunday, 29 May on Channel 7 and 7plus.

The four spectacular voices competing for glory in the Grand Finale are Victorian Lachie Gill from Team Rita, Victorian Thando Sikwila from Team Keith, NSW artist Jordan Tavita from Team Guy and Queensland’s Faith Sosene from Team Jess.

Jordan cemented his Grand Finale spot over Cassidy Mackie with an emotional performance of Foreigner’s I Want To Know What Love Is , dedicated to his Nanna. “She took her last breath two nights ago,” he said. “I just know my Nanna is looking down at me right now saying you better come through, so I’m going to do this for her.”

After the announcement, a shocked Jordan said: “My head is still spinning, Guy let’s get to work!”

Keith faced his most difficult decision yet after Thando and Tamworth teenager Lane Pittman took to The Voice stage. The superstar coach said: “You’re storytellers. You’ve both shown huge leaps of growth from the Blinds to here and I think for all of us coaches that’s the number one thing we are looking for: someone that is going to evolve and grow as an artist every step of the way. You have both done that equally. It’s extraordinary.”

Thando secured her Grand Finale berth with a spinetingling interpretation of Ariana Grande’s POV against Lane’s Father And Son by Cat Stevens. Keith scored Thando’s “superb” performance “100 out of 100”. Thando said: “Thank you so much for believing in me. I cannot believe that I am the last woman standing on your team!”

Lachie locked in his Grand Finale spot with a captivating rendition of Déjà Vu by Olivia Rodrigo over Xanthe Campbell’s abcdefu by Gayle. Rita said: “He’s worked so hard. He steps it up a notch every single time. You’re everything one can look for in creating a superstar.”

A visibly shocked Lachie said: “Every week a fire is burning. I just want to keep going and keep going. I have learnt so much but I am just having so much fun. I don’t want this to stop.”

Faith proved she deserved her Grand Finale place after Jess set the challenge to “give yourself permission now to believe in yourself”. Faith’s powerful delivery of Beyoncé’s Listen moved her superstar coach to tears as she took Faith to the Grand Finale over Jael Wena, who performed Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now .

A thrilled Faith said: “Wow, it feels like a dream.”

Voting is now open for Australia to decide who will be crowned The Voice 2022, taking home $100,000 prizemoney and a recording contract with Universal Music Australia.

The Voice ’s top four artists have each released a new original track ahead of the Grand Finale. The singles were selected in collaboration with each artist, who worked with high-profile producers and songwriters to showcase their incredible voices. From power ballads to pop with attitude, the singles are available to stream or download now.

Faith Sosene Words You Should Have Heard

Jordan Tavita 100 Years From Now

Lachie Gill Wasted Time

Thando Sikwila The Other Side

See tonight’s incredible Semi-Final performances here:

Jordan Tavita performs Foreigner’s I Want To Know What Love Is during The Voice Semi-Final
Thando Sikwila performs Ariana Grande’s POV during The Voice Semi-Final
Faith Sosene performs Beyonce’s Listen during The Voice Semi-Final
Cassidy Mackie performs Betty Who’s I Love You Always Forever during The Voice Semi-Final
Lane Pittman performs Father And Son by Cat Stevens during The Voice Semi-Final
Jael Wena performs Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now during The Voice Semi-Final
Xanthe Campbell performs Gayle’s abcdefu during The Voice Semi-Final

Next Sunday night, the show-stopping Grand Finale will see the final four artists take to The Voice stage for a spectacular duet with their superstar coaches, as Australia decides who will be The Voice 2022.

Some of the song choices are horrible. Who chose the HBF song?

Even in the previews for the finale, very boring choices.

That was Buddy, the quokka. :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting that Guy and Keith had to choose their grand finalist halfway through the semi-final, instead of near the end of the episode after everyone had performed.

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Honestly, the more info that comes out about Sebastian, the worse he looks.


Grand Final

Lachie is The Voice

Australia chooses Lachie Gill as The Voice 2022 winner

The votes are in and Australia has chosen former football player and P.E. teacher Lachie Gill as winner of The Voice 2022.

Alongside The Voice crown, the 24-year-old Victorian won $100,000 prize money and a recording contract with Universal Music Australia.

After host Sonia Kruger revealed the life-changing result, a shocked Lachie exclaimed: “Oh my god! From the start, I just never, ever would have expected this. I’m just blown away. Thank you so much. Wow. Thank you.”

Coach Rita Ora said: “You did all of this. Australia, thank you, thank you, I love you. I feel like this is just the beginning for you. Congratulations. I’m so happy for you I can’t breathe!”

With the momentous news still sinking in, Lachie performed his new single Wasted Time (download/stream here) .

From his first Blind Audition, Lachie’s captivating storytelling and signature rasp enthralled Australian audiences, and superstar coaches Keith Urban, Guy Sebastian and Jessica Mauboy. From the very first chair turn, Rita was adamant she wanted the star-on-the-rise to join her team, blocking fellow coach Guy.

Rita said: “Lachie is in a league of his own; he’s the ultimate storyteller and has the ability to capture the audience and have them go along with him. He sings like it’s the last time, every time.”

Tonight, Lachie ignited the stage with a captivating final solo performance of Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time.

Proud coach Rita beamed: “My whole body was floating I can’t believe how amazing you are. This is everything The Voice is about; you are the modern star that we need today.”

Rita joined Lachie on stage in a “pinch me moment” to perform Always Remember Us This Way by Lady Gaga, a fitting moment as a new The Voice star was born.

Lachie paid tribute to his coach: “You’ve given me challenging songs, but you’ve always said, ‘Don’t try and be someone else, just do it Lachie’s way.’”

Fellow Grand Finalists Thando Sikwila, Jordan Tavita and Faith Sosene soared with show-stopping performances across the series.

The #1 entertainment program of 2021, The Voice in 2022 has an average total audience of 1.38 million viewers nationally and has reached 8.2 million viewers on broadcast, with an additional 1.12 million on 7plus.

See tonight’s unmissable Grand Finale performances here:

Lachie Gill wins The Voice 2022
Lachie Gill sings Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time for his final solo performance
The Voice Australia winner Lachie Gill performs his winner’s single Wasted Time
Rita Ora joins Lachie Gill for a duet of Lady Gaga’s Always Remember Us This Way during The Voice Grand Finale
Thando Sikwila sings Andra Day’s Rise Up for her final solo performance
Jordan Tavita sings Benson Boone’s Ghost Town for his final solo performance
Jessica Mauboy joins Faith Sosene for a duet of Mariah Carey’s Emotions during The Voice Grand Finale


And another The Voice winner wanders off to the wilderness.


I think this year’s winner has the most potential as a recording artist … the others seem much the same, and fall into the same league as Casey Donovan, Paulini etc … more like singers of cover songs, stage productions etc… but that’s just my opinion.

I must say the winner was not what I had expected.

While the grand final was another spectacular, the money wasted on elaborate sets (e.g. water fountain and faux marble columns during Lachie’s rendition of Time After Time, and the maze-like building set for Jessica and Faith’s duet) could have been better spent on live telecast of semi-final and grand final. And that means bringing back Keith and Rita to Sydney for three weeks of mentoring mid-year. Seven and ITV Studios shouldn’t be fearful of international border closures in 2023.


I think you underestimate the cost of bringing the judges back compared to the cost of building a set. I’m sure it would have been ten times more expensive to do what you suggest.

Nah, Rita doesnt seem to be doing much just holidaying and hanging out with Takai. Keith is in the country more than USA and if he wanted his new song to be premiered as part of this contract he could come back for it.

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Coordinating the schedules of the four mentors to come back for another visit is a different issue to the costs involved.

It should be noted that Nine dropped the show because they said it was expensive and becoming less viable with ratings dropping. When Seven picked up The Voice, they said that they were going to produce it on a budget, which is why they film it all at once and don’t stretch it out over the year.

But filming it all at once, including multiple endings for the grand final, means we don’t get to see the genuine reactions from the winner and their coach when Sonia makes the announcement. That is why I have been calling for the return of live telecast of the grand final, plus the semi-final if situations allow.


The best thing 7 could do for the genuine reaction is to do something similar to Big Brother where they have the top 4 for a live reaction.

I would personally prefer the pre-recorded reactions than that.

7 would never do the voice live. So that’s realistically the only option for a genuine reaction

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I hope they’re not suggesting that this means they might not have got the correct winner. It’s not Seven’s fault that people are dumb and can’t read a number.

Also, to all those morons going “oh once again another white person wins etc etc”. Blame that on your fellow citizens as the viewers voted for the winner.

Most people voting would be young female viewers and you could have guessed weeks ago that Lachie would win. Especially with Rita gushing all over him every week.


What a load of rubbish.
How do we know other people with similar numbers weren’t also sent a text in error… what a beat up!

And as for 3 “people of colour” not winning… does that mean that Lachie should not have been considered because he isn’t “of colour” … that’s hardly fair … again, a beat up.

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