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With the debut of True Story with Hamish and Andy on Monday June 5 at 7.30pm, it confirms the Voice live shows will air on Sunday nights.


Like always.


The 48 contestants who would proceed to knockouts were decided after the end of blind auditions this week. Who is your favourite?

Kelly left it last to pick up the final member of her team: 24-year-old theatre performer Ruva Ngwenya. When Ruva was performing, Boy George and Delta turned their heads and peeked at her. They had their team full at the time but I think it was still against the rules (a judge who does not press his/her button can only turn the chair after the music stops).


This has happened in other seasons.


Its really not that deep.


I remember on the OG US version, Cee Lo filled his team up really early, and his chair didn’t turn, so he could see all the performers.


Sat down last night to watch the first knockout episode of the season. Pretty good episode. It must be hard for the four coaches who only had a short period of time after each performance of a trio to decide whether to steal contestants from a rival team, given each of them only had two opportunities. It would have been better to go through all 16 knockouts and call up to the stage the 32 contestants who did not automatically qualify for the battles, so the other three coaches had more time to think and use their two steals wisely.


According to the show’s website, the live shows will be held on Sunday nights on June 4, 11, 18, 25 and July 2 (grand final decider). Registrations for tickets opens at midday AEST on the Monday before each live show, thus for the June 4 show you can apply for tickets online next Monday (May 29) from midday AEST.
Actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld will be special guest on a future live show.

UPDATE 31/5: according to TV Tonight, Jennifer Hudson will appear on the show on June 18, performing her new single, Remember Me.


This year’s top 12:

According to synopsis on the EPG, after all 12 contestants have performed on this Sunday’s live show, the bottom two contestants (by a live vote using the show’s app I presume) will sing again and either of them will be eliminated on the night.


According to Radioinfo, Behind The Voice radio show returns to KIIS at 6pm Sundays from today, ahead of the live shows.


Interesting - from memory, every other year has seen it feature on NovaFM


Last year it was on KIIS.


I havent watch The Voice since first week of the Blinds. They are all pretty bad. Nothing like then level of XFactor finals.


I think the production standard of live show is close to that of The X Factor.
However voting system leaves a lot to be desired. Since there is no phone voting this year, you need to vote during the week either by the app, stream from Apple Music or buy the tracks from iTunes. Nine’s refusal to air the live show direct to NT, SA and WA mean the viewers cannot participate in instant save vote, as the bottom two contestants result will become spoilers. They will have to vote hard during the week and hope eastern states viewers vote wisely during instant save, so their favourite contestant stays in the competition.
There were problems tonight with instant save voting. I saw several comments on Twitter that the app took a while to load, and when the app was finally open, the two minute voting period had ended.


What I saw of The Voice last night I thought it was good. I do like the live voting as it’ feels more interactive especially for the bottom 2 where you can get an instant result and save someone, but agree it would be annoying for states where it is not shown live.



Last night on the very first Live Show for The Voice 2017, we said goodbye to one member of the Top 12 artists. Leaving the competition was Robin Johnson from Team George, with Team Delta hunk Tim Conlon surviving the bottom two sudden-death sing-off.

The remaining 11 Artists will now prepare to perform in the second Live Show on Sunday, June 11, 2017 at 7:00 PM on Channel Nine, with multiple ARIA award-winning artists The Veronicas appearing as a special musical guest act.

It was also announced last night that international superstar Katy Perry will be performing live at The Voice Grand Finale.

The remaining teams are as follows:

Team Delta
Judah Kelly
Tim Conlon
Claire Howell

Team Seal
Lucy Sugerman
Berni Harrison
Rennie Adams

Team George
Hoseah Partsch
Sarah Stone

Team Kelly
Bojesse Pigram
Fasika Ayallew
Spencer Jones

Streaming or purchasing the artists tracks on Apple Music or iTunes contributes votes towards your favourite artist for the next live show, as does voting via The Voice app.

For more details on voting, please visit


Not sure if this has been mentioned but are the live shows going on for longer this year? With The Voice doesn’t it usually just got for 4 or 5 weeks and we have 1 person from each team going each week? Last night just 1 person left. Hopefully it stays that way each week and goes a bit longer.


It has already been announced the grand final will be held on July 2, so including last night there are five live shows this year. Expect multiple eliminations in the next three shows, perhaps 1-2 at the start and one at the end.


Guy Sebastian on why TV talent shows should stop

“I think we just need to let talent … mature a little bit, we need to let the pool of talent develop. I think everything has its time and we’re so saturated with all of this stuff and it’s probably a good time for it to be rested.”

…according to Sebastian, The Voice is full of contestants that have already tried and failed on other reality shows. “There’s a bunch of people on The Voice that I’ve seen on the promos that we’ve seen through the X Factor process as well,” he said. “People have a mentality of jumping from show to show now.”


Last night the show did not finish until 9.27pm. The 11 contestants finished their performances before 8.50pm, but it was a guest performance by The Veronicas and bottom two sing off between Bojesse and Spencer which pushed the episode way beyond the scheduled finish of 9.07pm (according to my EPG). Given next week there will be double elimination plus live performances from Hailee Steinfeld and Jennifer Hudson, Nine should just give the show 2.5 hours air time.