The Voice


Great rendition of John Farnham’s classic hit You’re the Voice by the coaches. I expect the new season to start right after Easter.


2DayFM’s Em Rusciano and Harley Breen recorded an interview with Boy George yesterday and played it on their show this morning, defying an order from Nine to embargo it until the season’s April premiere, according to the Daily Telegraph. Em wrote on Facebook this afternoon saying

I just don’t care if they’re upset with us, I care about the people who listen to the show. I don’t think they’re accustomed to being told NO. I won’t be intimidated, look if I lose my job - at least it was over Boy George.

Nine certainly got publicity for the show but for the wrong reasons.


I can’t stand Em Rusciano and I’m sure why she has such a big following. She has such a big head and her attitude here is atrocious. Woopdidoo if they held off airing an interview for 2 more weeks. It didn’t have to be a big deal.


I’m not a big fan of hers either. I don’t think she has that big of a following. I am pretty sure she is really good friends with one of the producers of The Hit Network which guarantees her a job. With that said this publicity stunt was quite clever. She has stated they aren’t the type of show that requires big celebrity names to be interviewed so I guess getting on the wrong side of a network and making headlines could help with their very poor ratings in Sydney.


She has a big gay following which is what I’m moreso referring too. I’ve never understood it but she has a huge social media following and seems to have built her profile by doing shows and gigs on the gay scene. She’s also always there front and centre at gay marriage rally’s and those sort of things and I saw her as a support for Joel Creasy a number of years ago. Whatever she’s done to build that following it has worked but it has made her really big headed. It’s like she seems to think that she’s Australia’s Michelle Visage or something.


Tickets for the battles round 1 are now available from the show’s website. Filming will take place on Thursday April 6 for most of the afternoon and evening.


Starts on Monday April 24 according to the ad tonight.



The Voice is set to launch on Monday 24 April at 7.30pm.

Season Six of the award-winning entertainment blockbuster will premiere over three huge nights on Monday, April 24, Tuesday, April 25, and Wednesday, April 26, with one of the biggest coaching lineups in Voice history.

New Coach Kelly Rowland hails from one of the most successful girl bands on the planet, Destiny’s Child with Beyoncé. A five-time Grammy Award winner, celebrated singer, songwriter and author, she is a multi-platinum-selling artist who has toured the globe extensively.

“I am so excited for Australia to see this series of The Voice. I have had such a great time working with Seal, George and the beautiful Delta, and we have experienced some really special moments,” Kelly said.

Kelly Rowland is joined by one of the world’s most influential artists, Boy George, another Grammy winner whose career spans more than 30 years. He has accumulated worldwide sales in excess of 150 million albums and singles with Culture Club and as a solo artist in his own right. As well as being a vocalist, he is a producer, author, DJ and frontman.

Kelly Rowland and Boy George join previous champions of the big red chair, internationally renowned singing sensation Seal and Australia’s sweetheart and reigning champion Delta Goodrem, as Coaches to bring Australia the most exciting season of The Voice yet.

This season The Voice producers have mounted the biggest talent search in the show’s history, reaching into the farthest corners of Australia. Thousands of people from all walks and stages of life auditioned before the list was cut to the lucky 100 who made it to the Blind Auditions.


BLIND AUDITIONS: Here we meet the hopefuls of Season Six who will audition for our Coaches in the hope of turning a chair.

KNOCKOUTS: Artists go head-to-head in groups of three as they perform a song their Coach has chosen within a theme. There are two thrilling “steals” per Coach up for grabs this season.

BATTLES: In the toughest round of this season, two artists go into battle with no “steals” available for the Coaches. Only three from each team will make it into the LIVE Shows.

LIVE SHOWS: This season will see a new format with fewer artists making it to the Live Shows. As the artists perform, a live public vote remains open throughout the show, determining which artist will go home each week.
The winner of The Voice will receive the grand prize of a recording contract with Universal Music Australia and $100,000 in cash.


The producers made changes to the show. Last year it was blind auditions, battles (two artists went head to head with steals available) and super battles (each coach had two groups of four, each group taking the stage together in head to head duel, with no saves available) and live shows (four artists under each coach). Will it mean one less week of live shows with only 12 contestants reaching this round?


You really study these reality shows hard.


The extended promo with all of the judges singing is actually really well done. Too bad Sonia ruins the show, she’ll kill it just like Big Brother and to some extent Today Extra.


According to Mumbrella, The Voice this year will have five sponsors: Arnott’s Shapes, KFC, Mazda, Nick Scali Furniture and Blossom Manuka Honey. The 2016 sponsors were Mazda, iSelect, Woolworths, Pandora, Nivea, KFC, Sage Institute and Auto Masters. So only two companies (Mazda and KFC) are continuing their sponsorship from last year. Woolworths has withdrawn after it sponsored the show since it began in 2012 and Sage Institute collapsed in March this year.


Their promos should be interesting now they’ve finally given up on the “New and Improved” flavours that they launched with much fanfare last year.


The Voice #1 show last night. Great start!


Indeed. Lowest start though. Will be interesting to see if it follows trends of other singing shows and continues to dip (post blind auditions) or it is stabalises.


Good figures considering it aired on the eve of public holiday and up against MKR and live AFL on 7mate.


The new season has only been on air for two weeks and already there have been abuses on social media against Delta including one particularly nasty comment on Facebook. I think there are many reasons including: she was last year’s winning judge, her recent chart success, and her antics during blind auditions (including pressing the button with her feet to turn her chair around!). While Delta fans always show their support online, other people have also defended Delta, including the latest one from Sylvia Jeffreys.
Personally I feel it is unfair to hurl abuse at Delta because she pressed the button with her feet. During each episode I saw the other three judges (Seal, Kelly and Boy George) pressing the button with their feet as well. Why weren’t they criticised?




What’s more Aussie than being lazy? Complaining at others being lazy!

I’m also hoping the former 10 Tenors bloke (forgot his name) gets to sing the most ultra vague pop song - i.e. the Vengaboys - Boom Boom Boom Boom (or the Vengabus lmao).


I agree with this. Delta is an easy target on social media, particularly from jealous middle aged women who are the ones who usually post these type of things on the facebook posts. Obviously the judges are told to play up to the camera and try to come across as having as much fun as possible so Delta is doing exactly that. I find her the most fun and entertaining to watch and without her it could be pretty dull.

The thing that annoys me about the Voice is that it is such an unfair playing field. This is someone auditioning who has had a decent career including 2 top 10 albums in Australia (going Gold and Platinum respectively) and a further 2 top 20 albums. Now he’s just using the Voice (tied with some exaggerated sympathetic backstory) to try and push his solo career. Something also told me he was going to pick Delta because I Wouldn’t be surprised if the two already know each other or have worked together before.