The Voice


Did I miss something here? What does Grant Denyer have to do with The Voice?


He’s on breakfast radio in Sydney on 2Day FM and got a hot tip off about it and revealed it there.


A potential contest who says he was headhunted by The Voice has claimed he was guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals on last year’s season if he auditioned. He says he declined the offer. Nine has denied the claims.


I’d hazard a guess and say the ‘coaches’ would have been briefed on who is behind them prior to filming, and if anyone is to turn or not. Otherwise it screws up the whole schedule of the show. It’s all down to what the producers want not Kelly Roland! This show would be about as scripted as MAFS is.

Considering this show is on the verge of probably its last season they would be pulling all sorts of strings to add some form of controversy to it this year. As seen with MAFS and MKR, sadly the over the top scandals reel in the crowds.


Is someone trying to undermine the show or is this a bot self made controversy to regain interest.


Nine has released four new promos for the upcoming season, one for each judge. Two are already up on social media.


And once again their promos make it evident who the show is really about. It has nothing to do with the contestants.


Here are the other two promos.

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The Voice - Season 8


In its eighth season in 2019, The Voice continues to unearth incredible singing talent and this year there is a new format shake up, with All Star artists coming back for another chance of victory.

In a world first for the competition, the most championed fan favourites who missed out on their chance to win The Voice will get a chance at redemption when they return as All Stars to compete against the new talent for a place on the teams of the four Coaches.

With more experience under their belt and the hunger for victory still burning, the All Stars will take everything they have learnt in and out of the competition to vie for a place on The Voice stage against the new-season talent.

“This year we are bringing back the All Stars,” says Nine’s Head of Content Production and Development, Adrian Swift. “Over the years brilliant singers have been knocked out of The Voice along the way. Sometimes they weren’t confident enough, sometimes it wasn’t their best performance the day they were on stage, so this year they’re coming back.

“We think this new dimension of the show will make it really interesting, seeing people you know and love from the past seven seasons of The Voice coming back to try and turn a chair again.”

Bringing an exciting and fresh lens to The Voice in season eight sees homegrown star Guy Sebastian in the famous spinning red chair, joining three Coaches from last year, Delta Goodrem, Kelly Rowland and Boy George.

With some of the biggest star power in the world, season eight of The Voice is set to ignite Australian audiences once again.

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Can’t find new contestants?


In the past seasons, some of the previous contestants do return to the show anyway. I can smell desperation if they are adding this ‘gimmick’ to the show. I’ll still watch it and see what the fuss is about.


8 seasons of the voice? That is quite impressive. Didn’t realise it had snuck into its 8th year.


Promos also seem like they couldn’t get Kelly Rowland in to do a proper shoot, seems disjointed compared to the other three.


I’ve seen the promos for the first time. It reminds me of Planet of the Apes meet Survivor. If I hadn’t watched the show or read about it on the internet before, I wouldn’t have guessed that it’s a proper singing competition.


Seven’s New Idea quoting a “very well-placed source” who “concede it will be final year” for Nine’s The Voice.


With Lego Masters currently on air, it looks like the eighth season of The Voice won’t start until the week of May 19 at the earliest. But with State of Origin game 2 and Logie Awards on successive Sundays (June 23 and 30), Nine will have to spread out episodes of auditions, knockouts and battles in order to have live shows staying on Sunday nights.


Can’t say I’m surprised. I suspected it would probably be the last year given the negative publicity this year around auditions/battles, and the fact they are relying on returning finalists to prop up the competition. It’s great it has lasted this long though.


Had 10 picked up the show in the first place, would it have lasted eight seasons?


Neither am I.

If anything, it’s surprising that there wasn’t speculation about The Voice Australia being axed sooner!

Not to mention the overall decline in ratings over the last few years…