The Voice



Did I miss something here? What does Grant Denyer have to do with The Voice?


He’s on breakfast radio in Sydney on 2Day FM and got a hot tip off about it and revealed it there.


A potential contest who says he was headhunted by The Voice has claimed he was guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals on last year’s season if he auditioned. He says he declined the offer. Nine has denied the claims.


I’d hazard a guess and say the ‘coaches’ would have been briefed on who is behind them prior to filming, and if anyone is to turn or not. Otherwise it screws up the whole schedule of the show. It’s all down to what the producers want not Kelly Roland! This show would be about as scripted as MAFS is.

Considering this show is on the verge of probably its last season they would be pulling all sorts of strings to add some form of controversy to it this year. As seen with MAFS and MKR, sadly the over the top scandals reel in the crowds.


Is someone trying to undermine the show or is this a bot self made controversy to regain interest.