The Voice


It was true that Katy Perry’s performances were pre-recorded yesterday afternoon. Fans were asked to arrive by 3.30pm according to the tweets I saw.


Judah’s debut single Count on Me has entered the ARIA singles chart at No.19 today. Interestingly, runner up Hoseah’s debut single Paper Planes has also entered the chart at No.35.


The only interesting thing is that those performances on the chart are epic fails.


Cant wait for Fasika to wash herself clean of everything that is The Voice Australia and then blow my mind with her debut album :ok_hand:


Bad publicity for the show.


No surprises here:

EVEN those blessed with a photographic memory would struggle to conjure up singers that have come out of The Voice.

As soon as the winner receives their crown and a week of their single playing on the radio, they almost always fade into obscurity.


The show isnt really about the contestants is it? Its more about the coaches.



Kelly Rowland has told News Corp she wants to return as a judge next year if it fits into her schedule.


No Seal.


So who will it be then? Presumably a male, and another foreigner…

…the return of Joel Madden? Or someone new?


Usher has joined The Voice.

The Daily Telegraph doesn’t give him very good publicity with this announcement.


Michael? Didn’t he just move to Seven? :crazy_face:


It doesn’t help to you use his full name to clarify: Usher Raymond IV :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great. Couldn’t stand him this year.


Jon de Mol has launched a new format at MIPCOM - a seniors version of The Voice. Could Nine try this?


I was like that can’t be a thing, but it’s a thing.

Contestants for the latest edition of the franchise will be 65 years of age and older.
The initial four episode run will feature two blind auditions, one “knock-out” episode, and the finale.

4 episodes doesn’t seem worth the effort, but any longer than that it it loses traction. But if they do, and it’s a hit, you can be sure Seven will follow in NBC’s footsteps and launch Little Big Shots for seniors. We are truly in the golden age of free to air television.


Nine will show the UK version of The Voice Kids this summer, according to a promo aired tonight. The show debuted on ITV in Britain back in June this year. It is hosted by Emma Willis (who has been hosting Big Brother UK since 2013 and The Voice UK since 2014) and the judges were, Danny Jones from UK band McFly, and Pixie Lott. The winner received £30,000 and a family trip to Disneyland Paris. Season 1 had only eight episodes, which I think will air on Nine in December and January. The blind auditions and battles are 90 minutes, while semi final and final are two hours long.


The recent season of The Voice was named reality series of the year at last night’s Screen Producer Awards in Melbourne.


The Voice Kids UK premieres next Wednesday week (November 29) at 7.30pm.

New Idea reports Russell Crowe could be the new judge on the Australian version. I know he has a band but is he busy?