The Traitors

The US version is doing gangbusters as well, being the #1 most streamed unscripted series in the US. Always topping trends on socials like Twitter (X) the days airs too.

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Even as a streaming exclusive … it does appear to have a devoted fan base, who would be inclined to get a subscription to P+ or Stan (if Nine want to swoop in to get it) to watch while also drawing in fans to watch the other versions (UK, US, NZ, Canada and potentially Ireland) and selling a show for those other versions.

To me it’s a no-brainer to give it a try on Paramount+ - or at least put the international versions not currently on 10Play up there to test the waters before committing to a new local run.

10 don’t seem to have committed to much in the second half of the year either - think the only shows confirmed to be returning are Hunted and The Amazing Race.


Just a heads up, 10play has made season 2 of Traitors US (up to Ep 6) and Traitors UK (full session) available.


I can smell a lawsuit coming.

I mean the Traitor/Traitors format is basically the Party Game known as Mafia.


It went up to 8 million in 7-day consolidated.

Both are BBC shows though

Hypothetically… it could be a lawsuit between the Dutch team who created The Traitors (Reality Game Show) and the team who made Traitors (Studio Show).

But again, it would likely be unsuccessful … the inspiration for both is clearly Mafia/Werewolf.

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Peacock has renewed Traitors US for a third season.

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Only took them like a week to get any comms up about the show being made available on 10 play, terrible comms between content and website/social teams you’d have to think.

Episodes 1-6 of The Traitors US are available now, with new episodes fast-tracked from the US to 10 Play 6.30 Fridays.

From their Instagram:

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Yeah I noticed this last night! Instantly told our friends who are going to start watching, as I’ve been raving on to them about how good a season it’s been (apart from maybe the most recent episode 7).

I wonder if they are testing how it does online for a potential future season on Paramount? Prob not but I’ll always be hopeful!

I probably have a more cynical point of view … I think they put it up because it’s content they’ve already paid for and it’s content.

They didn’t advertise Traitors US & UK on the Traitors Aus social pages and they could promote “World of Traitors” better on 10Play (maybe roll some promos to those who watch similar shows, including say Survivor (similar social-strategy elimination show).

No one needs endless promos for Halo on P+


I do wonder if being the first English language version actually ended up hurting it. I would guess most franchises launched in Australia usually do so with them being able to promote it being a hit elsewhere. Although then again Million Dollar Island was sold around the world as the “next big thing” before it had even aired anywhere, and then when it began airing it just flopped everywhere it did air.


Yeah I think you are right. Also it would have done better if it aired straight after a Survivor season (rather than the tail end of the year) as both show I reckon have similar audiences so would be a better launching pad. Ten generally lose a lot of steam in those later months too.

I didn’t realise this format had been done elsewhere. Was Seven’s version the first? It felt like a very Seven format that could have been decent with a bit more fine tuning. It’s hard to find much online but I think I can see maybe a Deutch version and NBC were going to do one in the US but shelved the idea.


I believe 7’s MDI was the first English version and second overall - I think the Dutch version is successful.


From what I’ve seen the Dutch version was enough to get a S2 renewal but it still comparatively didn’t set the world on fire. 7 clearly optioned it to try and give a hit to Survivor’s numbers. Same with the Honeymoon Island show being a play at MAFS.

Agree with all the points raised that 10 doing the first english version hurt it.

Though with all the promo in the world, I just don’t think Australians are that into cerebral TV shows especially on FTA TV. It’s the same reason why The Mole had an initial flash in the pan success but didn’t have staying power. Maybe most viewers want to switch off mentally after a day at work and it’s hard for The Traitors to offer that escapism.

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