The Traitors

Do you have to subscribe?

No, it’s on 10Play.


On Have You Been Paying Attention tonight, there were a couple of questions which poked fun at the low ratings for The Traitors finale last week.

I think the questions Ten need to ask itself is whether it can grow further and whether any replacement would rate better. I suspect it’s strong online presence with various versions on 10Play should mean in the year before a next season more people would find it, so potentially yes it could grow.

As for a replacement - who knows, but there isn’t much more out there in the format market at the moment. 10 do need to accomodate Gladiators somewhere next year though, and unless I’m mistaken with The Bachelor already renewed The Traitors is probably their first tentpole format of the year where there is a question mark over whether it’ll return.

It’s still often better to try and grow a format though than start again as with the latter you can end up starting again every year.

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Next year’s US season

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