The Traitors

I felt sorry for Blake but he was obviously manipulated by Sam. Blake seemed genuinely upset that they didn’t get the money so presumably he may have really needed it.

He’s a beer expert of course he needed it lol

But what was that snipe from Sam about to Camille about being rich? How rich is Camille?

That did not sit well with me. Not something a person that just gambled $70k can say.

Camille said “It’s just a game guys, it’s just a game.” And Sam said, “that’s what a rich person says”.

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Which made me think how rich is she? What does she do for a living? She gives off rich vibes

Oh she rich. Did she tell them that? Cause no way you would recruit her if they knew. They should have recruited Sarah she had no clue about anything

It was annoying in the footage of discussing the Traitors Dilemma, which kind of spoiled the final 4 vote, that we did not see Camille and Blake having a conversation.

I agree the Traitors should have had the option to vote at the final 3 - if there are faithfuls left after each banishment in the end game they decide whether or not to continue voting, with it only taking one vote to do so. It’s a risk of course but that’s the point - one person voting to have another vote may see themselves voted out. I think it would have been more satisfying and raised the tension somewhat.

As I said earlier in a three way split I do think Steal-Steal-Share should see the money go to the sharer, or perhaps at the least see the two stealers face the dilemma again. Would they have done the same with four traitors at the end though - that would have been quite messy.

No format is flawless and I do think there are a couple of flaws in the end game. Firstly I think there needs to be a mechanism for a Faithful to outsmart a Traitor at the end - a Traitor should only win the money if the Faithful is convinced they’re not a Traitor. If a Faithful in the final two guesses correctly they win, if not the Traitor wins. It would be good in that moment for the fate of the game to be out of the Traitors hands.

There is also the question now whether it’s advantageous for Traitors to get to the end with each other - that’s perhaps more a point of strategy than a flaw, but it’s something future contestants will have to think about.

Production wise though this felt like a very good effort from the Aussie producers, and glad they just leave the murders as something that happens off screen. Not a huge fan of contestants coming into the diary room to read a note saying they’re been murdered as happens on the NZ series (and did on the UK one too). If they’re going with the narrative they’re murdered they need to stick to it on screen, or actually do it Circle style with one of the Traitors going to “murder” them in person and making that moment a reveal to the victim too.

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Sorry I don’t agree. It’s a game and if the traitors get through without being banished IMO they deserve to win as much as the faithful. The faithful in future seasons (provided there are more) need to play MUCH smarter. I really hope 10 continues with this program as it’s one of the best reality shows. I’m now into the NZ version which seems ok except for Paul Henry, I’m not a fan. Not into rightwing idiots! :grin:

Sam played a great game but it was his fault that no one won any prize money. He played it too greedy and the other two feared him. Thought I was watching 7 for a minute with little or no prize money! :joy:

I actually loved when Sam said this. Sam being Sam right until the very end. It made great TV and so did the way that Camille just walked out.

Yep and the finale showed that Traitors would not want to get to the end together which I do think is a major flaw. They are forced to work together and they played an absolutely flawless game this season, which became their detriment in the end.

The more I think about this result the more it frustrates me. With 3 people in the decision it makes it really hard for you to win the money and there is a lot of luck based on what everyone else does. For example, if any one of Sam, Blake or Camille had their vote as something else they individually still would have walked away with no money based on the others writing Steal. At least if they did this vote at 2 - writing share would guarantee you some money. Only then would the greedy who are willing to risk a steal can go without anything.

Had this show been more popular in overnight ratings, I dare say we would have got a lot more of the conversations between certain contestants (like in the past with other major reality shows that always went WAY overtime because they were huge raters). In this case, I think Ten wanted to minimise the damage it was doing to lead in HYBPA , so they kept it to what it was scheduled so people wouldn’t get overly annoyed if they tuned into HYBPA at 8.40 only to find this show still running overtime.
But on that note, I absolutely loved this show. It has me engaged (not since the early seasons of Big Brother have I been so invested in anything), so I really hope (but doubt) it’ll get a third season. Perhaps move it to a Wednesday/ Thursday night.

They do have an open casting call so a third season is not off the table. Next time they just need to try scheduling it at a different time of the year and against different competition. I think if Ten aired it off the back of a Survivor season it would do a lot better being promoted to the strategic reality show type audience. Otherwise, it could still have some life on Paramount+ for another season.

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With the amount of 7:30 non reality 10 has invested in, Traitors could work at 8:30 instead a couple nights a week, same as bachelor. Just not strong for 7:30, but they have a dedicated audience that followed episode to episode


Interesting body language from Sam when they had the Traitors Dilemma discussion. The very first question asked was by Camille who said ‘We talked about integrity at the end’. Sam replied ‘Yep, 100%, 100%’, but he was shaking his head from side to side. Camille’s next question was ‘We talked about sharing’ and Sam replied ‘That’s it’, again shaking his head from side to side. As body language experts have said for years this is a dead giveaway that they’re lying, meaning their words are saying one thing but their body language is revealing the truth.

Yes, I’m not a fan of the host at all, especially the way he cuts off the round table discussion at key moments. It’s obviously a cheaper production but still has some good challenges and some great gameplay. Would highly recommend it.

Is annoying though how they begin the show stating “20 complete strangers” are playing but there are at least three or four pairs of really close friends in there, which does actually add another layer to proceedings.

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The issue is though while The Traitors has a dedicated and invested fanbase, it’s a relatively small one and considering it’s now had two seasons to establish a sufficient viewership but hasn’t, I doubt things will dramatically improve if it became a 8:30pm show or aired at a different time of the year.

Frankly, if this was any other show, the discussion would rightly be about whether it deserves to be renewed. The saving grace for it is considering the international interest in the format, it’s probably viable for it to become a Paramount+ exclusive so that the Australian version can continue to air overseas.


I don’t think they are casting Traitors at the moment. Nothing online is indicating applications for another season, the casting link ( leads to a page saying “Traitors casting not accepting applications”.

If you are referring to Rodger’s call to action for “those who want to throw their mother under a bus to win silver ”, I think that was something generic (and in line with the camp nature of the program), that could be accompanied with a reference to the casting website, had the show been an obvious success with a 3rd season basically guaranteed.

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I do wonder if we are getting a 3rd season.

S2 Numbers were up slightly on S1 (in 7 day nationwide viewers, the finale hit 571k, while S1 hit 424k on the same metric (both for winner announced/end game segment)), with other eps up on S1, not massively, but enough to be noticeable.

It is also part of an interconnected franchise - other countries air the Aussie version (potential revenue source from producing the show for the beneficiary (10, as the network or Endermol, as the producers)), as well as 10Play having the other versions (US, UK, NZ … potentially Canada soon), so Traitors diehard fans will be coming to 10Play regularly for a Traitors fix (especially if they can give it the Same Day stream like they have done for Survivor Sth Africa) which is a fandom that will be fueled by having a local version.

However it is still very low compared to competition and other programs 10 air (Survivor, MasterChef, Celeb, Masked Singer,).

So that begs the question, will 10 renew?

The Traitors NZ has probably the best finish of any franchise yet. Interesting watching for those of us into The Traitors.

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