The Summit

It was very dramatic tonight from the parts I saw.

Nine really going all out with cross promotion of The Summit, interviewing former AFL player Silvagni on Sunday Footy Show and running promos within the show.


You’ve got to be spot on now with your comment yesterday about maybe advertisers not being delivered what they were promised or at least Nine nervous of that, can you remember a previous occasion where there was such anticipation for an expensive stripped reality or show and so much marketing, even after launching to disappointing ratings and still pushing them in just about every ad-break, cross-promo even in shows not linked demographically (such as news anchors plugging it) and taking an entire prime time to air encores to what looks like no real result. They’d better hope tomorrow morning sees something, but with the 7pm start with news and NRL lead-in for a couple of markets, I think tomorrow night is the real test and then Tuesday with no more Farmer.

I thought the promos for Sunday’s episode (must watch TV) were quite deceptive with a lot of focus on the helicopter harrowing the contestants when that challenge doesn’t appear until tonight’s episode and was only previewed at the end of Sunday’s.

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Knoxy on TVT’s wrap this morning:

“…but Nine are sticking with it [Summit] after seeing some growth”. In response to Seven bumping their worse performing show I guess.

I just don’t like how they keep implementing random mid-leg eliminations when the season was promoted as $1M up for grabs. I think this is the 3rd time they’ve forced them to cut someone mid leg? Meaning forced cash out of the pool and at absolute max the prize pool could only ever have been $787k (and I’m sure this isn’t the last time they force to cut people either).

It just came across extremely cheesy that the Mountain’s Keeper was angry that someone (who literally had a helicopter flying at them whilst trying to cross a rope bridge) had a few words to say back. Moreso it feels like they are making this up as they go again.

The overall concept of this show I like and am enjoying - just these silly gimmicks are becoming a bit much.

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The Mountain Keeper helicopter gimmick seems pointless to me. All these random challenges that have consequences and yet the more important things like rappelling down a waterfall seems to have little impact on the game.


Hard to see a long term future for this franchise after this morning’s ratings of 368,000 linear 5-city. Unless perhaps a major revamp of the show including rules and format. Do we really need lets from home after 1 week of a 2 week show?


Just another rubbish reality show. Seven should be worried about Million Dollar Island which is the same rubbish.

What on earth are all of the eliminated contestants doing back next week? There are just way too many random ridiculous twists and turns. It suddenly feels like a lot of padding in the final few days do stretch it out. Tonight’s episode was mostly filler.

What I didn’t understand either was that after Sam was voted out, they offered him a chance to steal some cash. So how did the producers know then that the bag was definitely going to be left out at night? They made out to the contestants that it going missing was punishment for leaving the bag out there.

Also don’t understand the contestants acting angry at Sam, when clearly he couldn’t normally just take the cash (otherwise others would and/or he would take more). Surely they know they it was producer interference again.

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Returning contestants? Wow. They seem to have dragged out every reality TV trope there is. The structure of this show is way off. They made almost no progress tonight with the majority of the show contestants sitting around talking about each other. The elimination of Sam should have been the end of the previous episode.


No wonder why the show is flopping hard since they’re literally making up stuff as they go along. It’s as if Nine and ESA doesn’t even know what the heck is going on.

This won’t be back next year for sure.

Having recently returned from a break, I watched a few episodes in one go. What a waste of my time when I was trying to give a new show a go.

I don’t really get the obsession of the reality TV producers concocting some gimmicks to prolong the show. The mountain keepers (aka producers) has ruined the experience for me as a viewer. Cringe worthy!!!

The sabotage (stealing some cash and throwing the bag into the sea before leaving) reminds me of a similar gimmick in The Bridge (where someone burnt the bridge to get some money before they left).

I want Alex to be my partner the next time I go camping!!

That is exactly what we said when watching it. It reminded us of that exact scene in The Bridge. They definitely ripped off almost every aspect of that show that they possibly could (with an additional zillion other unnecessary twists and turns on top)

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With Nine announcing the second season of Parental Guidance will start on June 5, does it mean The Summit will finish on Sunday June 4?

Sounds like it. The show was going at a good pace the first few episodes but now it sounds like the last few days are really going to be stretched out.

Nine has “super-sized” Monday and Tuesday episodes this week with both now running up to 90 minutes. That is ahead of next Sunday’s final (unless there is a reunion!!). Crazy as the show needed shorter episodes not longer.


Unless they merged some episodes together to shorten the series. It has been done before with some underperforming reality shows.


Possible, but with only 4 days left to the end (tonight is day 11) it seemed to make sense that there would be 4 episodes to a finish next Sunday.

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Is the blonde dude the guy that was on Bachelorette then later dated Abbie Chatfiled?