The Simpsons

Just a case of creating publicity.

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With this season being under 20 episodes long, Season 36’s going to have a lot of holdovers.

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Willie and Krusty are my favourite characters.


Includes excerpt from his interview on The Times of London.

Just a ridiculous whinge when he says that the new voice artist sounds exactly the same as him.

There was a clip doing the rounds on the social media a couple of days back of a new episode featuring him voicing Mr Burns and honestly Shearer’s voice sounded dreadful.

It is true though. The Simpsons has changed a lot compared to the classic episodes.

Which is true about most shows on television these days. Have a look at any show from the late 80s or early 90s and you’ll probably be shocked about a lot of the writing and content.

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It sounds like the VA’s are just calling it in now.