The Simpsons

I can’t believe there’s not a thread for The Simpsons. Not really, just kidding … but there is now.


Giving credit where it’s not due. Nothing I say and do in my life has been influenced by The Simpsons.

[quote]With a season of the play opening at Belvoir in May and The Simpsons (now in its 28th season) officially the longest-running cartoon, sitcom and scripted prime-time series in TV history, it’s worth considering how much the show has affected the way we communicate, tell stories, laugh and think.[/quote]

There was, people stopped posting in it fifteen years ago.


Yeah, back when Bart was like 10 years old or something.


As this is a new thread, anyone know where Eleven is up to with new eps (Wednesday animation fixation)?

A simple review of the guide indicates episode 21(!) of Season 28 (!) airs this Wednesday.

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pfft TV guides are for losers

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brb binning my highlighters.

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Plenty more where they came from. People want the show back on the main channel.


What a bunch of losers, living in the past. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With Ten’s administrators renegotiating the Fox content deal, could we see The Simpsons on GO! or 7mate next year?

I’m pretty sure they will save these shows in the new deal, or at least try to.

The lower-rating content from the main channel will probably be the first to go.

Isn’t it hard running five twitter accounts at once? :wink:


You could say it Sifons off plenty of his time.



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Did they watch the show when it was last on the main channel? Because if it was so popular then it would still be there now.


For the majority of those twitterers would this be the first time they have mentioned The Simpsons? If they are such fans, they do realise it can be seen on Eleven - there’s just one digit difference on the remote.


The tweet storm has been just so fucking funny. Lol​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::clown_face: clearly these people have no idea the financial woes of what Ten is going through and the voluntary administration is about . The Simpsons is over and dead on the main network just let it go people (twitterverse) and it ain’t going to help tens woes. Or better yet learn to read articles to understand what fully is going on.

It amazes me how many people in the last week or so have come out of the woodwork to spread false information twitter. Especially when they know nothing about the situation.

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The reason they took it off in early 2014 was because it didn’t fit with the new 25-54 strategy CEO McClennan implemented. Not that it should’ve mattered.

No, it was because the ratings were awful.

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