The Simpsons


The Simpsons haven’t been funny since Season 10.


What an incredible run. The show has changed a lot and the quality has no doubt waned, but it is still a top rater for Fox and cultural icon.


I suppose FOX is still unable or unwilling to take a gamble on a new animated series if they continue to renew The Simpsons…

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ever. Just my opinion.

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What do you think is funny @littlegezzybear?

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As I’ve probably said before, the show really should’ve ended when the movie was released.

But I’m sure the gazillions The Simpsons makes in repeats and merchandising is a major reason why it’s still going.

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Recently, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Younger, slightly old shows like Community and Parks & Recreation, and older shows like Fawlty Towers, Black Books and The IT Crowd. I always enjoy Get Smart and Hogan’s Heroes. As a kid I liked the old style cartoons like The Flinstones, Huckleberry Hound and Top Cat.


Comedy is subjective and 30+ seasons prove that to be true.


Maybe The Simpsons will finally end when the actor who does the voice of Homer or Marge, Bart or Lisa dies?

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There are thousands of people around the world who do the voices perfectly… I’m sure they would find someone to replace them if it ever came to that.

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This would be extremely disrespectful and I doubt the rest of the main cast or producers would agree to it.

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A bit old, but…


This will end up making the next FXX marathon only like 99.9% complete…

BTW I wish 7mate could do a Simpsons marathon rather than the Olympics in 2020!


It’s ridiculous. Are they going to remove the episode from iTunes as well?


Showrunner Al Jean said in an interview that Apu could make a comeback with big changes.

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Nancy Cartwright has scripted an episode of the show for the first time (S30E19). 7mate should show it at Easter time.

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How long til she writes an episode subliminally promoting Scientology?


Saw a short promo for the Simpsons recently. It was one of those FXX idents (specifically the “marble maze” one), very interesting for Seven to do that! It also states Wednesday 7.30 which i’m sure is a repeat time