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I meant the new episodes.


Simpsons fans might find this interesting


I enjoyed tonight’s Season 30 debut, I reckon one of the better efforts, interested in thoughts?


Yeah me too. Good all-round episode with no gimmicks. Even a few laughs.


Mentioned how I quite enjoyed last week’s episode, tonight on the other hand el-crap-ola :pensive:


Curious to know, how many years did Seven pick up the rights for?



Probably get his brother Sanjay to take over the Kwik-E-Mart.


Because Apu graduates from university and become a nuclear physicist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like 7mate is increasing its output, according to advanced guides.

There’ll be episodes nearly every night from its old 2000s traditional timeslot of 6pm, as well as others during afternoons from around midday.

Possibly a non-ratings period thing.


6pm nearly every night? I only see 6pm on Friday?


There is a chance this could be pre-empted by Cricket coverage in some markets.


From what I can see, 7mate will still only be airing 4 episodes per week, with double episodes from Season 15 on Wednesday 7.30 and Thursday 7.30.

Under the rights deal, I believe they get a free encore which can air anytime in the 24 hours following the initial airing, so there are some replays of the same episodes scheduled at different times on the following days (Thursday 5.00pm and Friday 6.00pm).


To me, it’s physically impossible to write out Apu from the show. Season 30’s episode writing has been dun ‘n’ dusted, so there is no way for a episode about the Kwik-E-Mart closing forever to happen.

BTW has a deal for more seasons been signed recently?


There is a physical way it’s called typing up a script. I wouldn’t worry too much the kwiki mart won’t disssapear along with Apu.

How did they write out Mrs Krappabul when the actress passed away a few years ago?


Edna Krabappel died after Marcia Wallace, who voiced her, passed away.

From wikipedia:

The series first acknowledged Wallace’s passing in the episode in the opening sequence was changed to read a single “We’ll really miss you Mrs. K”. The episode “The Man Who Grew Too Much” later showed Ned Flanders wearing a black armband and mourning Edna, whose portrait joined that of Maude, Ned’s first wife. In “Moho House” she appears as a ghost with Maude when Marge looks at everyone enjoying their spouses.


Watching the “Catch Em If You Can” re-run on 7mate now, one of my fave eps! Anyone else remember this more modern episode?

Where the Simpson family is meant to visit Dayton, Ohio to see “Uncle Tyrone” but instead jump ship to a romantic getaway in Miami to escape the annoying kids, who then track them down with Grampa.

Laugh at the “I have a card that can take us anywhere” scenes, where Homer has stolen Ned Flanders’ credit card and Bart has stolen Rod Flanders’, including the final bank statement scene :joy:


That’s about the only funny episode to be found after Season 13


On Sunday US cable network FXX aired a countdown of The Top 30 Simpsons episodes (one per season) as voted by Al Jean to celebrate the show’s 30th anniversary. Next Sunday night FOX will be airing Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire (Season 1 Episode 1) in the 8pm primetime slot which is normally used for new episodes.


Fox has renewed The Simpsons for 31st and 32nd seasons.