The Simpsons


It would be good if they could at least allow Seven to have brand new episodes online for a couple of weeks after they first air.

But I guess Fox is hoarding the rights for whatever reason. Their loss in the long term.


Why does 20th Century Fox put restrictions on The Simpsons like no DVD sales and no “on-demand” viewing? It will only force people to download shows through illegal means such as BitTorrent.


I see it a bit like the ‘Disney Vault’, wanting to protect their sacred cow but it’s quite backward.


New episode had 140,000.


Well, I wasn’t far off my ambitious prediction :slight_smile:

What needs to happen now is main channel exposure for new eps. Why not air it after MKR?


When your prediction was 43% higher than the actual rating, I would call that way off the mark.


Not gonna happen.


140,000 is way off your 200,000 prediction. Spinning the stats already. :joy:


200,000 still possible if 7 day consolidated ratings are included. A lot of people would have recorded it to watch at their leisure.


Possibly but he didn’t say that. He predicted the ratings today would be 200,000.


Let it go.


I said 100k. I was nowhere near but still way closer.
Yep, air it on the main channel after MKR even though the swimming outrated it easily. Not happening, forget about it, it is multichannel fodder.


Why aren’t you suggesting this airs 6pm weeknights on the main channel on seven like you were when it was on ten?


It should be 6pm weeknights on 7mate, starting with Season 1 Episode 1.
The only issue is AFL telecasts in Perth on Thursday and Friday, but they could air the missed eps late night in Perth instead.


Upcoming episodes on 7mate:

Wednesday 7 March
7.30 s10e04 Treehouse of Horror IX
8.00 s10e05 When You Dish Upon a Star
8.30 s10e06 D’Oh-in’ in the Wind
9.00 s29e02 Springfield Splendor (NEW)

Wednesday 14 March
7.30 s10e07 Lisa Gets an 'A’
8.00 s10e08 Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"
8.30 s10e09 Mayored to the Mob
9.00 s29e03 Whistler’s Father (NEW)


I saw an ad from Fox Home Entertainment Au proming The Simpsons which included something about getting (new?) episodes ad free. Maybe that is why it’s not appearing on 7Plus?


Because Seven has a decent rating program at 6pm in news. The only 6pm program that ever rated on Ten was Simpsons which was at least able to win demos. Why they didn’t axe Family Feud simulcast and go back to Simpsons still boggles the mind.


Perhaps The Simpsons will be available on streaming via Stan? Netflix? Amazon?


I think your argument was more about destroying ten as a reputable network rather than claiming the Simpsons actually rated. I’ve never seen figures that suggested it was rating well in the multi channel era.


Season 29 is available to buy for download in HD on the Microsoft Store.