The Simpsons


Fox8 will be the only place Australians can (legally) watch the new episodes in HD.


What was it doing on Eleven?


Have you got a source for that information? Haven’t seen that being stated elsewhere


Except those viewers in regional Queensland who still get 7mateHD.


It was rating around the 120k mark for its last few airings on Eleven. At the beginning of last year repeats were rating around 150k.


7Mate QLD


Yeah so I gave it a go on the Plus7 Telstra TV app.

Haven’t seen The Simpsons new episodes for probably 8 or 9 years.

That episode was just boring . Gave up after 5 mins. The whole season isn’t that bad ,right ?

Guess they want us watching it live only. Same as when it was on Eleven.


How would we know, if this was the premiere?

Oh, right. The show has been bad for the last 17 years.


New eps will likely go to Foxtel. 7 probably saw it as too niche for their audience.


Sometimes episodes take 2-3 hours to appear online after airing.


i assumed someone had seen the season from the US through a VPN or something and might know.


Yep. It’s all starting to go pear shaped.

This once a week thing better not last. 4 episodes a week is the best they can do?

Once they see the ratings tomorrow, i think that will change quickly.


Such certainty lol.

I’m imagining Sifon sitting in his bedroom with sixteen OzTam ratings boxes plugged into Seven Mate, laughing maniacally like Sideshow Bob.


what’s your prediction?



Not exactly much competition on the other multichannels.


No way it gets that high. 160-170k max.


A bit ambitious?

Did it ever get that on Eleven?


I believe new episodes were getting around 250k in 2011 when Eleven first launched…


The copy that 7Mate was showing is almost certainly taken from the same source as the HD converted version for FXX in the United States.

That being said, I HATE it when the aspect ratio is fiddled with.

If there’s going to be some HD remaster or whatever which involves some computer trickery to get more resolution out of the 480i NTSC master copy, it should be kept in 4:3 ratio with the black bars down the sides.

The same thing with that recent Seinfeld remaster where they rescanned the 35mm film masters in HD. It looks good, but the framing is very obviously off in some scenes. Would have much preferred them to air it in HD with the black bars down the sides.


The Simpsons’ are not sold for ‘on-demand’ viewing outside of the US, or the rights are astronomical to bundle that in with it. The UK, NZ and Australia all don’t have catch-up options.