The Simpsons


Everybody’s favorite Season! :crazy_face:


Jokes aside, I think they recently overturned their decision of stopping physical DVD sales, but it’s good there is other methods of online distribution of the newer Seasons. Wonder if they have the older Seasons on there too. :thinking:



That title card is a blatant lie. New episode only at 9pm.


Technically, they are airing in their current format (widescreen 16:9 cropped) for the first time on Australian TV.


Shonky excuse.


If that the approach that Seven (or was it GWN) are taking, it shows a disrespect for their viewers.


Also technically new on the 7 Network.


Being broadcast for the first time on a network doesn’t make an episode new.


Not much thought ever goes into the subtitles on the Prime/GWN signposts. Usually they go with “hit series”

Annnd I just took another look at the image and saw that they in fact used just that for American Dad. Case closed.


I know that but do these pesky Networks!? Clearly they’re being slightly misleading in their promo.


Full end credits aired after D’Oh’in in the Wind… maybe someone at Seven is paying attention…


I’m pretty sure I’ve heard one of the networks in the past say that new episodes and similar is true when it’s first on their network. Yes misleading but what isn’t these days?


Only the truth. :slight_smile:


The Simpsons is on 7mate right now in double episodes.


i think they’re just repeats of 2 episodes that ran last night


They are. Which makes this scheduling more interesting.


Reminds me of when Nine scheduled new episodes of TBBT twice in one night. From memory it was raised by Knoxy on TV Tonight and the explanation was along the lines of “we’re only charged once to run an episode twice in a set period” - could be a similar deal here.


Perhaps Seven are trying to get their money’s worth for the purchase from Fox. Switching to the more popular Seven network hasn’t seen Simpsons’ ratings improve.


Also seems to be a one off, not scheduled for next Thurs as yet.


Testing the waters.