The Simpsons


Only one sleep to go until the Series Premiere on 7mate…


Damn insomnia, that means it could still be weeks away.


Tonight’s the big night. It will be interesting to see what sort of promos Seven run during MKR to inform the audience of the new Simpsons episode starting over on 7mate directly afterwards. This is the biggest lead-in opportunity the show has had for many years.


I think you will find that only a minority of people are excited about this. I dont expect big ratings.


It was the cover story in the TV Guide magazine in the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane News Ltd Sunday papers so there is some interest from the general public.


I don’t have the cable connected to the wall for the tv, so the only other way to see it would be through 7Plus and select 7mate watching it live ?


100k tops. I’d be surprised if it rated above that.




I think you’ll be surprised then. Was doing better figures than that on Eleven. Along with Family Guy should be in the Top 5 mulitchannel shows in all demos as well.


Aspect radio. Yuck. Massive turn off.


It’s not even 4:3 in 14:9, they’ve just chopped the top and bottom off and called it a day. Here’s roughly how much is missing (top is original 4:3, bottom is 7mate).


Well, you’re not missing much from that picture worthwhile.


Certain scenes will be ruined (e.g. the Brady Bunch parody opening where the screen is divided into 9 squares).


No closing credits on the first episode. Straight into the opening credits of the second episode.
This is very poor form by Seven.


Probably from the same copy used by FXX when they got the rights to The Simpsons in 2014.


I think you’re probably right in that the episodes are converted to widescreen by someone other than Seven. Interestingly (or not) not all scenes are cut across the middle, some are custom to fit the scene better. Having a wild Wednesday night over here.

And when necessary are kept 4:3, so the Brady Bunch parody etc. might be safe.

Also the 7mate version seems to be sped up compared to the original. I assume this is a common practice for free to air, like commercial radio do to songs, does anyone know?


Someone on Twitter was claiming the Movie was broadcast at 1.1x speed last week…


Seven doesn’t really want you watching


wonders what this means now for fox8 and the simpsons does it mean that fta will now get all of the new seasons?


Just like past 30 years?