The Simpsons



I love the Sideshow Bob epsiodes, always involving a thrilling plot trying to kill Bart.

The parody of “Cape Fear” movie was great.

And the long running ‘rake’ gag :joy:

Also involving a house boat finale, Judge who is voiced by the mum from Malcolm in the Middle, classic.


Aren’t you mixing two different episodes here?


Yes, but both had house boats on a river as the ending climax.

The NB was just a random passing Luke thought haha.


I see.


It was the finale of Season 6 and premiere of Season 7.


So the only way to see this is to either watch it on tv or watch it live streaming with ads ?

I assume no on demand catchup similar to Ten… although Ten always had Bob’s Burgers episodes avaiable on Tenplay as well as BorderTown and Son of Zorn. Maybe shows like Family Guy/American Dad and The Simpsons cost more for catchup .


Doesn’t 7plus or plus7 or whatever it’s called, do that?


They don’t do catchup for Family Guy or American Dad so I assumed the same for The Simpsons.

I’ve never seen catchup eps of their existing animations on there.


The Simpsons Movie looks great on 7mate.


The Bart naked skateboarding scene was shown uncut.


Good, circumcision is wrong!




Has it been shown on FTA in HD before (even if only to a few areas)?


Disappointing but not surprising that the end credits were cut completely.
They cut from the final Homer and Bart on the roof scene straight to the Gracie Films shhhhhh! end title card and that was it.


But I was watching a documentary on TV the other night from some ancient tribe in Africa or something and one of the guys there had some interesting points…

Ok, it was David Oldfield on I’m A Celebrity.


:roll_eyes: I fear for the future of humanity when people start referencing ignorant celebrities on reality shows.


I dunno, Lara Bingle taught me about anal cleansing. She was in that regard a pioneer.


Upcoming 7mate schedule:

Wednesday 28 February
7.30 s10e01 Lard of the Dance
8.00 s10e02 The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
8.30 s10e03 Bart the Mother
9.00 s29e01 The Serfsons (NEW)

Wednesday 7 March
7.30 s10e04 Treehouse of Horror IX
8.00 s10e05 When You Dish Upon a Star
8.30 s10e06 D’Oh-in’ in the Wind
9.00 s29e02 Springfield Splendor (NEW)



Did Luke come to your place to make some posts?