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That makes 6 days for one flailing religion. I would keep Xmas and Boxing Day, they are the most secular. But the 4x Easter public holidays can be exchanged.

I like that, I’d just say it should be first Monday of Feb Instead of a static date. Midweek public holidays tend to get wasted on house chores. With a 3 day weekend people can plan to actually celebrate it.

I think the best date for the new Australia Day is 3rd Monday of Jan. For any industry that takes a 3 week Xmas break it would extend it by one day, I think some good traditions would come from that.

Easter weekend is the most important thing on the Christian calendar I believe. Technically its only 2 public holidays, one for when Jesus died and for one when Jesus rose from the dead.

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yeah well I want to keep existing public holidays. i like my days off.


In some countries, Easter was a bigger celebration than Christmas. It’s only in recent decades that those countries have adopted the traditions that make Christmas bigger.

I get that organised religion is on the decline, but Christianity in all its various forms is still the most observed religion by far. Even then, good luck convincing people to give up the 4 day long weekend, even if they don’t really care for the religious aspects outside of the Easter eggs.


I agree. Christianity is still the predominant Religion in Australia and a lot of religious and some secular traditions have a connection to Christmas or Easter so no need for any change.

The less relevant Queen’s/King’s Birthday celebrated on a date which is nowhere near the actual birthdays is one that can easily change. They don’t even have a Queen’s Birthday public holiday in the UK.

No one is suggesting we have less public holidays.

Good Friday in particular is a crap public holiday, everything is closed. I think people would be happy to swap it for something else.

No, I don’t agree. Traditionally, I think it should remain.

Same as Christmas. I really dont think people are that passionate about having businesses open every single day of the year. A break for two days out of 365 is not a problem.

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The 2021 Australian census data showed that 43.9% of Australians classify themselves Christian The second-largest classification was the 38.9% who identified as "No religion’’

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Yeah I don’t actually give a c#ap what they are for or when, as long as there’s no net reduction in public holidays.

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I think we’re going away from the Royal Family topic just a bit. There should be a “Australian Public Holiday” topic made…

I don’t think many want less public holidays. Yes, Christianity may be on a decline, but it’s good to have a break from work “for a week” at the end of the year, with Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years Day being all so close together. Then in April, having a four-day long week is good and a small break from work (with Easter), and if ANZAC Day falls near the Easter break, even better.

I wish i was living in Melbourne with their two extra public holidays - Melbourne Cup Day, and the pre-AFL Grand Final Day on the Friday. Are the non-sports fans calling for those two days to be scrapped? I doubt it…

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