The Royal Family

A good indication that Charles has no intention of not ascending to the throne?


Charles will 100% take the throne.

He may not be Charles III when he takes the throne. Charles could be Charles III (default name), George VII , Philip or Arthur.

Prince Albert changed his name to George VI in 1936 and Edward VII was also called Prince Albert before his accession.

In late March, the Queen attended the memorial service commemorating one year since the death of her husband Prince Phillip, but otherwise had been absent from many engagements.

The royals are getting a lot of bad publicity this year.


Not sure where this was best placed, but not a bad option if you’re keen on watching the Jubilee celebrations.

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But pensioners dont know what BritBox is.

Come on now. Little less on the bitter pills now.

Bitter about the Royal Family or the Queen? :joy:

Face the fact. It’s mostly pensioners who would want to watch that coverage.

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I’m not a pensioner… :eyes:

Channel 7 will air the concert in primetime on Sunday

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The Daily Mail reports that other members of the royal family are expected to also attend sporting events throughout the Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

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The Australian have reported today that there is the possibility Australia will observe a public holiday when the Queen dies.


Sadly I think the Queen’s time is approaching. From news reports from the last couple months at least.


As I think we should.

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