The Project

Looks like all the crazies were out there today. That vile Fred Nile collapsed. This was also reported on 10s news.

Calling for a show to be canceled but they constantly rail against cancel culture. Not sure they understand the term hypocrisy.


Pretty bold move by Nile to protest a joke about Jesus’ death by almost dying.


who in his 41-year career has campaigned against same-sex marriage, abortion and the availability of halal food products in Australian stores.

What a legacy, a disgrace.


Not to mention this group “Christian lives matter”. What a disgrace. Christians are so marginalized and the most discriminated group in our society!! The delusions run deep with this mob.


I didn’t know he was still alive.


Why can’t they just replaced Waleed to Hamish as the main co-host with Sarah. Yeah I feel like this show needs to revamped up. Not keen on Sam yet. Michael Hing. Yes cause he’s been regular since late last year.

Jesus was not on his side it seems.

Tbh… I’m not sure Hamish is suited to the main presenting chair full time. Recently, I’m finding him a littler dry on this show.


Well Jesus has been by my side, and he told me he was not offended by the nail joke. :stuck_out_tongue:
He did think Fred Nile was a vile fruit cake though.

Never liked Hamish, I always thought he just liked the sound of his own voice. Waleed is better to host The Project from what I have seen of the show since being back.

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Did the acknowledge the events of this weekend at all tonight?

Moomba? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Crawler shown tonight


Tommy Little was back on the show tonight. He showed off his tattoos and the right side of his body was all his ex girlfriends names. Enjoy DM

I can make out, Natalie, Laura, Bruce? Chloe and that chick from Cuba :joy:

Yeah i think he was better when he had the show’s writers doing his material :wink:



Sam Neil’s cancer diagnosis generating a lot of headlines here and in the US. He has a “memoir” coming out.

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Abrupt end to tonight’s episode in Melbourne. Rob Brydon was finishing his joke when it suddenly faded out and the new episode of The Dog House Australia began. Viewers didn’t even get to see Waleed and Sarah thanking him and guest panellist Jamila Rizvi.

EDIT: the full interview clip included the 10-second bit that Melbourne viewers missed right at the end.


The first guest will be Daniel Ricciardo tonight (Friday).

EDIT 31/3: he appeared in a pre-recorded interview last night, chatting to Georgie Tunny.