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Where did the laugh emoji reaction go?


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Banned for misuse, as was planned by the person who asked it.

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I actually fucked up my post. It was meant to be in solidarity with the ‘that Ben guy getting his own show is laughable’ post.

He had The Family Law where he was a lead actor and creator. So he has already had his own show. He is also the cohost of a webseries called The Startup Show. Not sure how that is ‘laughable’. He is actually a really great talent. But I guess some people don’t like minorities getting their own show before the typical white person :wink:

I think your call that based on you liking him on The Project was worthy of him getting his own show was laughable, at least as laughable as your obsessions with Courtney Act.

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Not the only place I have liked him from.

What gay man isn’t obsessed with Courtney Act?

Sorry I forget someone people still have issues with that. I sometimes forget we live in 2020 where its still not ok for LGBTI to have their own show on commercial primetime television.

Great. I’m just not a fan.

That doesn’t surprise me…

Not sure how you can make that assumption. But sure.

Guess you’re more predictable than you thought :stuck_out_tongue:



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That is worthy of a prison sentence :stuck_out_tongue: but in all seriousness my only obsession is greater representation of different minorities on commercial free to air television. I think it is great for our youth and education and showcasing these talents will only help those minorities.

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I think the majority of Media Spy members hope to see better representation of different minorities on Australian commercial free to air TV in the future.



Plus 1 or make that 2 as CLEW9 beat me to the punch on this one.

Monday 7 September-

Tommy Little is filling in for Pete this week.


Excerpts from an appearance by Robin Williams on The Project during the Charlie Pickering days are used during the recently released documentary film Robin’s Wish that examines the struggles of the comedian during his final years.

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