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Who gives a shit


Despite the deluge of commentary from people who haven’t watched one minute of the show , somehow it is continuing next week …

Adam Lambert, Kim Petras, Hughesy, Weird Al Yankovic, Adam Demos.

Next Week On The Project.

Sunday To Friday, 6.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up next week, The Project has got you covered. With back-to-back comedians, and a roster of the world’s hottest stars, you don’t need to worry about the blues on Monday – or any other day.

Combat the Sunday scaries when Adam Lambert joins live on the Sydney desk. In town to promote his new album High Drama, Adam comes fresh from recording his latest single: a glam-rock retelling of Bonnie Tyler’s 1980s hit Holding Out for a Hero. Sharing the spotlight on the desk is emerging Aussie star Ruel, spilling the beans on his debut album 4th Wall, out now.

If the name Kim Petras sounds familiar, it’s probably because you caught her jaw-dropping performance of Unholy alongside Sam Smith at the Grammys – and now she’s coming to your living room on Monday thanks to The Project. Then, buckle in for all the lols as Dave Thornton brings his wisecracks and cheeky smile to the desk.

Keeping the funny ball rolling Tuesday is Canadian stand-up comedian Russell Peters, who’s in town for his world tour – Act Your Age: a hilarious take on cancel culture, aging and the current state of the world.

On hump day, it’s a good day to be part of the studio audience (register here) when The Project OG, Hughesy, drops by the desk to check in on the new team and give a preview of his upcoming comedy tour: Too Good.

Whether you know him from Like a Surgeon, Eat It or Party in the CIA, Weird Al Yankovic is beloved the world over for his musical satire. The good news is Weird Al is touring Australia this month, and the even better news is that you can catch him live on the desk on Thursday. As if that wasn’t enough, co-host of the wildly popular podcast The Imperfects and Director of The Resilience Project, Hugh van Cuylenburg, also joins us Thursday to talk about the path to happiness and better mental health.

Devotees of the saucy Netflix drama Sex/Life will be thrilled to know the series is back with a sequel, and on Friday night we’ve got the star the show and that infamous scene, Adam Demos, on the Sydney desk. March might mean the start of autumn, but on The Project desk things are just heating up.


Nice to see that all of the Sky News viewership have signed it.


so they cancel the show, then what? Suddenly there’s 6 hours of prime time to fill. Ten can barely fill the rest of its schedule as it is without resorting to slabs of repeats.


Well, 12 hours of (mostly) primetime to fill. There is also the 6 hours late night for the encore airings that usually airs at 11.30pm. Which could easily be replaced by Bull repeats, but that’s not the point. lol. There’s still 12 hours of content to fill is a lot.

The show’s remaining until December at the very least.

People who signed the petition dont watch the show anyway. So stuff them, i say. lol.


As if that has any effect. People need to stop looking at petitions and think that they’re a magical tool to get rid of anything they don’t like. They’re useless.


People on the right: “cancel culture is so woke we cannot stand for it”

Also people on the right: “the project needs to be cancelled because it might be too left wing”


Absolutely nailed it.

I wonder how those right wing nutters will try to defend their position because no matter which way they dig they’ll dig a deeper hole and become even bigger hypocrites.


its now at 28,500 signatures.


Ok we don’t need progressive updates on the petition. It isn’t a telethon.


Oh look, Sky News has dipped its toes into this debacle.


The “hundreds” need to complain to 10 not ACMA and also admit to being Project viewers :astonished:


That very reputable news source on all things allegedly woke. I thought they hated cancel culture.

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Australian Survivor’s George Mladenov will be on Tuesday’s show, according to a short promo shown tonight.

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The left and the right cherry-pick what they are offended by. They have double standards on what counts as offensive. If you are so offended by a joke, then don’t go saying how the left wants to destroying free speech, or you could just not watch the show.


They were offended over the beauty filter on Tik Tok tonight but no one says anything about the fat positivity movement on there. its like great, youre fat but to spread that message as a positive thing is causing more damage than beauty filters.

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Rebecca Morse was on The Project tonight.


Ironically making commentary on International Women’s Day about her time being a former newsreader, on the very network that made her redundant a few short years ago.

68 Likes, 3 Comments - The Project (@theprojecttv) on Instagram: "Today is #internationalwomensday and while we see female presents everywhere on our screens today..."