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Michael Weatherly quits NCIS role as Special Agent Tony DiNozzo
The Daily Telegraph

Quite surprised to see that he is leaving. I would assume that if his replacement isn’t as well received as Ziva’s was, the show will wrap up next season.

Another big loss to the show, on the same scale as Ziva a couple of years ago.
Just wondering if this thread can be expanded to include its Los Angeles and New Orleans spinoffs? Ten will show another NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans crossover later this year.

Sure. Since there wasn’t an NCIS:Los Angeles thread in the old forum and the NCIS: New Orleans one didn’t have many responses, one thread should be enough to cover all of them.

Still remember Michael Weatherly in Dark Angel.

Just saw the new promo for NCIS.

Looks great.

8:30 Tuesday

The latest episodes of NCIS New Orleans are being added to iTunes at the same time the other two are airing on Ten. Interesting. So if you wanted to watch all three together you have to pay for NCIS NO.

CBS has renewed NCIS for two more seasons, meaning it will air until at least 2018.

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New Orleans season two starts Sunday 13th March at 9.30pm.

Michael Weatherly To Topline CBS’ Dr. Phil Drama Pilot ‘Bull’ Post-‘NCIS’

Departing NCIS co-star Michael Weatherly is staying in the CBS fold as the lead in the network’s drama pilot Bull, playing a character inspired by Dr. Phil.

Two Australian actors will guest star in this season of NCIS: New Orleans. Kate Beahan (Mistresses) will appear on episode 5 which is scheduled to air on Ten in three weeks’ time. David Hoflin (who played Oliver Barnes in Neighbours in 2007-2008 and later married then co-star Natalie Blair) will appear in episode 18. David and Natalie are now based in Los Angeles.

Casting developments in NCIS: 2 actors have been cast to appear in this season’s final 2 episodes both with options to become a new regular in the upcoming Season 14

‘NCIS’ Casts Sarah Clarke In Major Role

‘NCIS’: Duane Henry Joins CBS Series

This is part 1 of the two-part crossover with NCIS: New Orleans but it looks like Ten will treat it as a standalone episode, which is disappointing. Ten should show part 2 the following Sunday (April 24) or even better, on the same night right after NCIS, just like the US.

EDIT: Ten will indeed show part 2 on Sunday April 24 at 10.30pm, so NCIS: New Orleans will air out of order for the rest of the season.

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I first saw sarah clarke as sarah chalke and got a little excited to see her on screen again.

NCIS: New Orleans (part 2 of the crossover with NCIS) is out this Sunday and will now air the following Sunday (May 1) at 9.30pm in Adelaide and Perth, while other states have live F1.
I am not happy about that. It means a two-week gap between part 1 and part 2! Ten should repeat part 1 (NCIS) sometime next week before showing part 2. It would have been even better to show both episodes last night.

US First Lady Michelle Obama has a cameo in an upcoming episode of NCIS. It’s the first time the show is filmed inside the White House.

Deadline reports Australian Shane Brennan has signed a new two-year deal with CBS Television Studios. Brennan steps down as showrunner for NCIS: Los Angeles after seven seasons to focus on program development, but will remain as the show’s executive producer. R. Scott Gemmill will be the new showrunner.

Wilmer Valderrama will join NCIS as a series regular replacing Michael Weatherly. Valderrama, who last appeared on Grey’s Anatomy, will play a once-grounded NCIS field agent who accepted a deep cover assignment years ago and never resurfaced. Many agents don’t know he’s still on the job or that he’s even alive.

Tom Morrow (Alan Dale, AKA Jim Robinson from Neighbours)…

Killed :cry: