The Morning Show


Back to earlier discussions yes Kylie and Larry can handle serious in depth interviews very well, great start to the show this morning with an interview with the Prime Minister in the studio.


It’s good and somewhat surprising that they got him for an interview.


I would’ve though Kylie would be a good replacement for Me when she leftl, but it would be too risky for TMS and their brand. Kylie has very good news background and reminds me a bit of Lisa Wilkinson when it comes to news, which has got to be a good thing right?


I have never considered TMS a “news program” & it’d probably be one of the last places I’d turn to for news.

Just saying.


They Handled THE Lindt Cafe Siege very very well


Angela Cox co-hosting with Larry today.


Edwina Bartholomew co-hosting with Larry today.


Wow!! Eddy’s been thrown right into the deep end on her first day back :astonished:


Why? Hasn’t she co-hosted these shows before?


Yes I know she has but I’m trying to say that she has just come back from holidays today and she’s been thrown straight into a replacement co-hosting role!!


I don’t see how that’s any different to a regular co-host who has been on holidays or a guest co-host who hasn’t co-hosted recently.


Let’s just agree to disagree


I don’t agree to that


Well I won’t agree with that, good sir.


Samantha Brett presenting news updates today


Sarah Cumming co-hosting with Larry today.


Larry and Kylie were guest diners on the first episode of Hell’s Kitchen tonight.


Does anyone know if this was deliberate cross-promotion or not, if they were just acting as ‘normal’ people/diners if you know what I am saying.

I think they actually did mention at the end of Friday’s show that they would be featuring in it but I didn’t think anything of it at the time.


I think it was a bit of both.


Ryan Phelan co-hosting with Kylie on Monday - Wednesday this week ,Ryan also presenting the news updates.