The Morning Show


Hopefully they’ll be talking about Big Freeze at the 'G.

Neale Daniher deserves a Queens Birthday honour!

Inspirational man.


He was honoured with an AM in last years Queen’s Birthday honours.



Well Australian of the Year then!


Larry said in the closer birthday celebrations start tomorrow, so obviously Kylie will be back.


He wad nominated for this year’s award but missed out at the state level. He is an inspiration and such a humble man.


Looking back this morning.


First program.




A great show in general. Ch9 copied TMS by getting rid of Kerri-Anne for Mornings and is now paying the price .

As much as the presenters of the show are polarizing at times, deep down they still have a decent journalistic background, although Idk if they could be taken seriously these days.


Seen this morning - can’t be un-seen :slight_smile:


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Congrats from


Agree here. Nine should have stuck with Kerri-Anne with a major revamp.

[quote=“Tom_TV7, post:152, topic:307”]
As much as the presenters of the show are polarizing at times, deep down they still have a decent journalistic background, although Idk if they could be taken seriously these days.
[/quote] I really do disagree here. Larry and Kylie’s journalistic background compliments TMS’s mixed genre.


Before reading your comment I would’ve disagreed, but I have to agree after reading your comment. They can make gossip look fairly decent. Nine has no creativity, no direction. They copied Seven when Mornings was launched and is now paying the price of losing ratings. David Campbell, while a good host, has no credibility whatsoever in journalism (IMO) and Sonia…we all know what she’s like.

On the other hand, Larry and Kylie have both fronted news and sports (for Kylie, news as well) respectively. To top things off, they have a great friendship and great on-air chemistry (better than Kochie and Sam for sure) which makes the program a delight to watch. I don’t see any of that on Today Extra.


If you ask me, the very polarising (and that’s putting it mildly) pair of mid-morning presenters aren’t on The Morning Show, but rather Today Extra.

Larry & Kylie are good presenters, although Studio 10 is a better show than both of the big two’s offerings at that time of day from what I’ve seen.


The only resason Studio 10 isn’t winning, is due to loyal viewers over many years to TMS (and to a lesser extent Nine - Kerri Anne).

Also older viewers & regional viewers would prefer TMS.


You sure that’s the only reason? Blind loyalty? Couldn’t be that viewers believe TMS is actually a superior show, better than S10 and TodayExtra?


I’ll give you more reasons after we go to Glenn who’s with Jane from Optus who has a great deal for viewers today.


I would also put it down to, the established breakfast shows (Today and Sunrise) that offer a very large audience as a lead in to TMS and Today Extra.


I am so glad that The Morning Show has lasted 10 years. The chemistry between Larry and Kylie is great, ever since day one.

It’s a shame that the show itself hasn’t been up for a Logie, despite being number one for the whole decade. Rivals The Circle (and Chrissie Swan) and Studio 10 (and Sarah Harris) have been up for numerous nominations over the years. The Circle even won it one year for Popular Light Entertainment Program one year too.

Currently, the show is considered a “News Panel or Current Affairs” Program by the Logies people. Isn’t it more of an Entertainment Program?


I would say a bit of both. It gets serious when it needs to, but also light hearted when appropriate which is what’s great about this show. Unlike Today Extra, they don’t ‘blend’ (if you get the definition of it) news and entertainment together in segments. Some of the segments of Today Extra could be mistaken for ACA materials.