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@Nationalnews Larry said on Thursday Kylie had headed off early to celebrate her birthday.


Some caps from Disneyland

Apparently there are some good travel deals to the park at the moment - what are the odds?


Olivia Newton-John’s daughter was confused about Larry Emdur’s doodah. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Olivia Newton-John’s daughter Chloe’s train wreck interview after ‘doodah’ leaves her confused


Ryan Phelan co-hosting with Kylie on Friday and Monday.


Due to extended coverage of the Manchester Attack from Sunrise, The Morning Show did not air this morning.

Larry is recovering from an orthodontic operation and is expected to be off for most of the week.


The Morning Show didn’t air on Tuesday & Wednesday due to extended coverage on Sunrise of Manchester Arena Attack and Lindt Cafe Findings on Wednesday.

Larry returned on Thursday he had been away due to having wisdom teeth taken out.


It was interesting to see Larry & Kylie appear on Sunrise at 8:40 this morning to personally do a preview of some of the stories coming up on the Morning Show rather than just the normal promo that they still did show later on before it started. I liked seeing the banter here between Larry & Kylie and Kochie, Sam, Nat & Berretts that we normally only see at the end of Sunrise and the start of the Morning Show. This is one of the parts I most enjoy watching each morning :grin:


Mmmh… Today Extra and David and Sonia have been doing that right after the 8.30 news for most of this year.

Was it on the desk or couch?


Really! I wouldn’t know because I never watch the other channel. No it was just like what you would normally see at the end of Sunrise transitioning to TMS with the Sunrise gang on the couch on one side & Larry and Kylie at one of the plasmas using the same background graphics as you would see in the transition scenario. I don’t have any caps but it may happen again tomorrow morning if you want to see what it was like.


Angela Cox co-hosting with Larry today.


Next Week marks 10 years since the show first aired


Celebrations all week.

The Morning Show marriage secerts.


Hopefully someone can get clips of their celebrations this week. The highlights packages should be good! Highs and lows such as the Lindt cafe siege.


The Morning Show isn’t scheduled to start until 10am on Monday (probably because of the public holiday in some states).


I’d say TMS chose Disneyland, because Seven have a content deal with Disney Australia anyway? :thinking:


Angela Cox is co-hosting with Larry again today for Queen’s Birthday public holiday edition of TMS


Kylie really should be there for the 10th year anniversary week.


I presume she will from tomorrow?


@LukeMovieMan looking at Kylie’s instragram she is on a family holiday in Queensland, a extra long weekend!
Sounds like she will be back tomorrow. She should have definitely been back this morning for the start of the birthday week celebrations.


Apparently Kylie is off buying presents for The Morning Show’s tenth year anniversary week today according to this…