The Morning Show


Glenn Wheeler will be on tomorrow’s show talking about his health,he was also on the show just before Christmas.
It will be nice too see how he is doing now.



The Morning Show will be live in Melbourne on Monday for the Morning-After Party.


Larry returns from holidays on Monday Kylie joked he would never miss a Logies party.



LIVE from Melbourne yesterday:


They’ll be broadcasting from Disney Land from May 8-12 for their 10th year on air


Let’s celebrate 10 years of our Australian TV show by showcasing America!


Hmm, if only there was a theme park in Australia where The Morning Show could celebrate a decade on air with their viewers at…


It’s a shame Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Drive, Lansvale closed down. It wasn’t much, but it was on Hollywood.


Angela Cox co-hosting with Larry on Thursday & Friday this week.


“New” virtual/chroma key set being used for infomercials now. It’s a mix of the old elements of the set and new “stone” looks added in with a “fake screen” in the middle




Really weird design. Like MBB said, mixture of the old set and new elements which clash and looks really cheap. Should have just gone for a design to fit with the updated Martin Place set.


If The Morning Show is producing pre-recorded advertorials in HD, how come they’re only being aired on TV in fairly poorly upconverted SD (well, that was the case the last I checked anyway)? :confused:


This is actually filmed in Perth on the news set/key


No doubt Kylie is filing reports for TMS Special from Disneyland next week.

*I wonder what they will do on their actual 10 year anniversary in June?

[quote=“MBB, post:113, topic:307”]
“New” virtual/chroma key set being used for infomercials now
[/quote] Strange. @EuroKick is it just a one off?


That was actually filmed in Perth using the news set. Some were filmed a while back according to Karens Instagram


Usually they’re filmed in Sydney and Melbourne, but the occasional company is based in Perth so they shoot it there.


This was taken almost a year ago, so maybe it’s not as new as we thought.