The Morning Show

End of Sunrise throw to TMS


Is this the first time Kylie has hosted The Morning Show with a female co-host?




Isn’t it Sally’s third day of 6 hours straight doing Sunrise news then TMS?


Monday 25 July & Tuesday 26 July-

Sam Mac is hosting with Kylie.

Wednesday 27 July-

James Tobin is hosting with Kylie.

Thursday 28 July -

Sally Bowrey is hosting with Kylie.

*Sally and Kylie had great chemistry, having female hosts worked really well and hopefully it happens more often!

Friday 29 July -

Sam Mac is hosting with Kylie.

*Larry is returning from holidays next week.


Larry was on Sunrise this morning talking about his memoirs.

This morning


Monday 8 August

Sally Bowrey is hosting with Larry today.
Kylie is away sick.


Thursday 18 August
Sam Mac hosted with Kylie.

Friday 19 August
Sam Mac hosted with Sally Bowrey.


Are they ever going to have a full week of Larry and Kylie hosting together or are we still going to be subjected to the potluck roster that they have at the moment?


Does it really matter? All the fill-ins are competent. Larry will be tied up with The Chase indefinitely, and Kylie has more than earned more flexible working arrangements, if that’s what she wants, after all her years of service to the network.


I disagree. If anything they need a better hosting schedule. It’s rare to see them both present together these days and in my opinion is a damage to the brand.

Maybe it’s time Kylie looked for another role at the network if she can’t present the show 5 days a week or at least at a regular weekly schedule.


Unless they are taking a leaf from News Breakfast’s book, then consistent hosting is very important. If it means they have two hosting teams, then that’s what it means. But consistency is key. Maybe every now and again having ‘random’ hosts is ok, but every week is a problem. If Larry can no longer commit to being the full-time host anymore because of his other commitments, then they need to make him two days a week or pull him off the show completely.

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With respect, I think you guys are overreacting. At the end of the day, this is just the Morning Show, 9am-11.30am, not Sunrise or Today or News Breakfast, which air in the important breakfast slot. I really don’t think the average viewer at home cares who’s hosting - everyone works well and has great chemistry with whoever they are paired with.


I’m sure Seven are happy with an arrangement where the two popular hosts are still with the show and are accommodating their desire to do other things.


With respect…… Why is it different though? They claim sunrise and TMS as their biggest “news brands”. I see it no different IMO. People whinge about Today extra and Weekend Today’s rotating cohosts, I don’t see this any different?

If people don’t care who hosts… why is it important to even have consistent hosts then, they wouldn’t have had them host 5 days for the number of years since the shows inception… you’re throwing the reason for dynamics and chemistry out the window for the audience.

The duo that front a show are important for the brand especially when you don’t dominate the ratings like you once did now… it shows there isn’t a care of the brand or the identity if your hosts are treating it as their second fiddle


Remember how they let Melissa Doyle go? There are no other roles. Plus she is there most of the time. The only reason she hasn’t recently is due to illness.

Larry is in the middle of a promo drive for his book, which it seems the network is fully behind and by the sound of it, was even their idea. And The Chase is the priority as it brings in at least triple the TMS audience.

The bits I’ve seen of all the fill in hosts, theyve all done well and fitted in quite nicely.


Tuesday (23.08.2022) & Wednesday (24.08.2022): Sally Bowrey co-hosted with Larry.

Thursday (25.08.2022) & Friday (26.08.2022): Sam Mac is co-hosting with Kylie.


Monday (19.09.2022): A 0930 start after Sunrise had extended coverage for The Queen’s funeral. Monique Wright is co-hosting with Larry today.


Its been a long time since monique hosted TMS IIRC

Wednesday 21 September -
Gemma Acton filling in for Kylie.