The Morning Show


My birthday that day… Happy birthday to me :slight_smile:


Returning for 2019 on Monday at the special time of 10am.


Sally Obermeder hosting with Larry this week.

Kylie returns from holidays next week.


Whats so special about it? :joy:


That it’s obviously starting late due to Sunrise finishing later?


Doesn’t make it special. Is this a permanent move? Should say “moved to the new time of 10am” :joy::joy:


it’s not the new time though, it was a one off, hence it does make it special


I’m pulling the piss…I couldn’t care less to be honest! :joy:


Thursday 24 January -

Sally Obermeder filling in for Kylie.


The show will air until 10am in WA today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday) for the pre-match of the day/night cricket test (play starts at 11am WA time).


Sally Bowrey co-hosting with Larry this morning


Monday 28 January -Starting at 10am.

Sally Obermeder co-hosting with Larry.

Kylie is off sick.

Sally is co-hosting with Larry this week .


Larry and Kylie putting their guests to sleep.


If the interview order was Today Extra then Studio 10 and lastly The Morning Show that would explain it. He would have started off with two singers interviewing him, followed by a program designed for people in waiting rooms. No wonder he got bored after the second interview.


No Michael was on another planet…he was also on Today Extra and Studio 10 this morning as well and seemed very tired in all interviews.
KAK joked at the end of Studio 10 maybe it was the time difference .
I recently saw Michael on The Talk and let’s just say he struggled in that interview.


I saw him on Today at about 9:45 (in a waiting room :smile:) and he was on Studio 10 at about 11. That was tweeted at 9:43am, so was TMS his first interview? Although Studio 10 may have been prerecorded.


Ryan Phelan co- hosting with Kylie.


Thursday & Friday -

Ryan Phelan co-hosting with Kylie.


Monday 18 March -

Ryan Phelan is co-hosting with Kylie.