The Morning Show


Friday -

After the introducing what is on today’s show Kylie crossed to Ryan for today’s headline news,very good idea to not have Joel introducing serious news stories.


Why wasn’t Ryan hosting (or on Sunrise either)?


Then there would be no cross promotion for Joel.


Ryan Phelan is co-hosting with Kylie this week with Larry on holidays.


Tuesday -
Sally Obermeder co-hosting with Larry.
Larry returned from holidays on Monday.


Monday (01.10.2018):

TMS started at 10am today due to an extended edition Sunrise for the public holiday in some states.

Ryan Phelan co-hosted with Kylie today as Larry was off ‘sick’.


Ryan also read the news headlines.


Tuesday -
Ryan co-hosting with Kylie again today.
Larry returned on Wednesday.

Thursday & Friday -
Sally Obermeder co-hosting with Larry.


Monday (08.10.2018) - Tuesday (12.10.2018): With Kylie on holidays, Sally Obermeder is co-hosting with Larry.


Wednesday -
Kylie returned today.


Sample of a promo:

Nice graphics; wouldn’t mind if they used them on-screen.


Thursday -

Sally Bowrey co-hosting with Larry today.


The show won’t be shown in WA this Thursday and Friday due to Australian Open golf from Sydney. Maybe Larry and Kylie should tell WA viewers on Wednesday to watch the next two day’s episodes on 7plus?


Kylie has been a journalist for 25 years- covering the Olympics on numerous occasions and presented sport on Seven News and Weekend Sunrise for years. Larry, whilst has less experience, has actually anchored news updates and hosted Sunrise (he is just renowned as a game show host):

And here they are hosting the Sydney Seige:


Friday -
Sally Bowrey is co-hosting with Larry this morning.


As per the Seven schedule it seems that the The Morning Show ill be rested on test match days with Sunrise continuing for an extra hour in AEDT markets.


Tony Auden presenting weather


Friday -

Ryan Phelan hosting with Kylie today.


The summer series starts next week.


The Morning Show returns 14 January 2019.