The Morning Show


They have stated on social media that they are filming stuff for the show when it returns next week. Quit other speculation.


Ryan Phelan and Angela Cox in for Larry and Kylie this morning.


During the hiatus during the Commonwealth Games, Larry and Kylie were filming pieces for the show from USA.

Left on Sunday and should both be back tomorrow morning.


Ryan Phelan filling in for Larry this morning


Ita Buttrose was special guest on the show this morning, two weeks after quitting Studio 10. She discussed the upcoming royal wedding with Kylie and Larry.



That set looks gorgeous in that orientation.


Larry says “We haven’t seen you in a few years. We know you’ve been too busy to come and see us. But it’s great you’ve made your way back to The Morning Show.”

Don’t mention the war. :joy:


Sally Obermeder is co-hosting with Larry this Friday.


Sally Obermeder co-hosting with Larry this week.


I think Kylie is on leave this week.


Kylie returned on Thursday


Friday -
Jodie Speers presented news updates.


Why did the show begin at 10am today instead of its usual 9am?


Because of the public holiday today.


@SamSamTV Thanks Sam, yes, you told me it’s due to the pub hol, but what justification is there?


because of the public holiday people would be home more hence so more would watch sunrise hence they longer hour then normal and coz of that the morning show would loose an hour


Also people sleep in. So their peak viewing time which may normally be say between 7:30 and 8:30 is now more likely to be much later in the show.


Happy 11th Birthday to The Morning Show! Tomorrow marks the show’s 11th year since its debut - in that time the show hasn’t lost a ratings year since it started. Amazing effort!

Flashback to the debut (thanks to @nationalnews).


they should bring up the morning show jingle again