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Ryan Phelan co-hosting with Kylie this week, Larry is on holidays.

Ryan is also reading the news updates.


Kylie is now on Holidays. Larry should be back on Monday depending on the outcome in Bali


Sally Obermeder co-hosting with Larry this week.


Monday (09.07.2018) - Friday (13.07.2018): Sally Obermeder co-hosting with Larry again this week.


Kylie is returning from holidays today.


Hopefully you weren’t holding your breath for this report as the tour highlights will air across two weeks, starting Monday.


Tuesday -

The Morning Show started at 10am due to the extended edition of Sunrise.

Finished at 11am for Morning News one hour bulletin.


Monday - Thursday -
Sally Obermeder co-hosting with Larry.


Karl Stefanovic’s ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn is scheduled to appear on today’s show to promote her new children’s book.


^^^ The interview.


Dont think I’ve ever seen Kylie look so uncomfortable doing an interview before! Though she did seem to warm to Cass a bit toward the end.

Ten should get Cass on Studio 10 as a guest panelist some time.


She didn’t look that uncomfortable. As a journalist I suspect she would have wanted to ask more questions about Karl, his new woman and the media coverage. The terms of that interview were obviously dictated so it was a routine plug for a kids book, which is rarely done on TMS I think.


Was that when Emdur said Gillies gently reads Thorburn’s book to him and strokes his head to calm him down?


This does happen very often on this show,last week Osher Gunsberg was on promoting his new book.


Does it happen often for kids books?


Yes l have seen authors of children’s books on the show before, Andrew Daddo is one that comes to mind.


Joel Creasey with be co-hosting with Kylie tomorrow morning.


Joel is everywhere this year.

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