The Masked Singer

Singer-songwriter Gary Pinto, The Masked Singer’s vocal coach, has told the Herald Sun that he picks British actor and former footballer Vinnie Jones as the worst singer on the show, and George Calombaris worked hard to find his singing voice.

If I were a betting man, I’d say there’s a Sheldon Riley in one of those masks. It is so obvious.

I really hope I don’t have to eat my words. Watch this space!

It feels like the majority of singers have already been identified this year . . Ten perhaps need to change their marketing a little to not reveal any singing until the show begins . .

Sarah Harris mentioned on Studio 10 this morning (at the end of the interview with Osher) that there would be a sweepstake poster in Woman’s Day.

Not sure if it is this week’s issue or next week’s issue.

I can’t wait for this to start! Mainly so the same ads that play every ad break I dont have to see anymore.

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Can you find out for me

It’s very obvious that he is the snapdragon. No mistaking that voice.

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Meanwhile, Angela Bishop live tweeted on 10’s main Twitter account during the broadcast.

Acknowledgement of country right at the start of tonight’s season premiere

It’s Knight’s Out On The Masked Singer Australia.

Ramsay Street Royalty Ryan Maloney Is The First Celebrity Unmasked.

His time on The Masked Singer Australia was merely for one Knight only. Fresh from his Ramsay Street farewell, Ryan Maloney has been unveiled as the first celebrity performer. Come on - do you really think we’d dress him up as a Toadfish?

Protected by his beheaded Knight armour, Australia’s favourite mullet touting Neighbour exposed his hidden talent for singing, but it wasn’t enough to save his spot on the show. Despite a noble performance, Ryan’s take on Ed Sheeran’s Bad Habits didn’t quite measure up to Zombie’s sweet take on Ava Max’s Sweet But Psycho.

Guessing panel Mel B, Dave Hughes, Chrissie Swan and Abbie Chatfield were unable to detect Ryan as the Knight, and instead nominated Nick Cummins, Shannon Noll, Brendan Fevola and David Hasselhoff as it’s possible identity.

After his unmasking, Ryan said: “28 years on Neighbours, I tell you this is the shortest job I have ever had!

With performances to analyse and fresh clues up on the board, are you any closer to guessing who’s behind Blowfly, Zombie, Mirror Ball and Thong?

Tune in to tomorrow night’s The Masked Singer Australia where five new celebrities will battle it out in the country’s greatest game of “Who Sung It?”

The Masked Singer Australia.
Continues Tomorrow Night At 7.30pm.


Everyone can actually sing especially the unmasked singer. What a pleasant surprise. What a great voice.

The best part about this season is it’s sponsored by my current favorite ad song: ding ding dong, did somebody say

My 2 favourite reality shows (Masked Singer and MKR) on at the same time. I’m so excited to watch television again.

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One of the promos last week said a Neighbours royalty would be unmasked. I didn’t expect it would happen on episode 1. And I didn’t know Ryan Moloney can sing.


I’m surprised that he didn’t jump on the ‘soap star turn singer’ bandwagon before Neighbors was axed. He does have a great singing voice.

I don’t know why but I feel sad when he was unmasked. I hope that life after ‘Toadie’ will be good to him. I read that he may be switching his career to be a tradie.

His voice sounded a bit autotuned to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are using some tricks on this show for untrained voices.

and imagine being mistaken for Shannon Noll. What an insult, when clearly he’s the blowfly

I really liked the new guessing panel. As far as an international goes, Mel B has spent a lot of time here so she seems pretty switched on with her guesses. I liked Abbie a lot more than I thought I would and Chrissie was great too. Last year between Urzila/Dave there were too many WTF guesses but now only having Dave throw out those crazy guesses makes it a lot better.

The blowfly sounded like Shannon but a bad version of him. Maybe that’s intentional as he has a really recognisable voice.

Also interesting that not all the masks are in the first round with two wild cards coming in. I wonder if these are people that just couldn’t commit for as long (such as internationals) or if it is intentional to keep it a bit more interesting with some new ones coming in after the first round.


I was thinking that I dont hate her as much as i thought i would. Still wasn’t very good though. Constantly talking about influencers and social media gets old very quickly. She’s the weak link.

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If they are wild cards does that mean they will be revealed on the night like Kyle last year? if so they could be bigger names than the core cast.

When she said “I used to work at Boost Juice!” Who cares? this isn’t about you.