The Masked Singer

Yeah I just watched the promo of snapdragon (the flower looking one) and it sounds like Sheldon Riley to me too. Even the way the hands are moving - feels very Sheldon.

Abbie Chatfield is on the front cover of Stellar magazine this Sunday.


They keep saying an artist that has sold 50million records is on this season. Well that’s pretty much bang on how many albums Katy Perry has sold. She also came to Australia in early June for a 3 months stint (perfect timing for filming). Could she be on it? A friend said they thought one sounded like her in a promo, so it’s possible.

Are the 50 Million albums sold and Grammy Winner meant to be the same person? If so then it won’t be Katy Perry since she hasn’t won a Grammy.

According to Sunday Herald Sun’s Fiona Byrne, Jason Donovan might have taken part in the new season.

Somehow I have a feeling that Kyle Sandilands is on this season (again!). The rooster looks and sounds very much like his voice.

Oh Snap! Introducing Snapdragon.

One Week To Go. The Masked Singer Australia. Premieres Sunday, 7 August At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

Let’s just snap right to it shall we?

In just one week, Australia’s favourite guessing game The Masked Singer Australia returns for what’s set to be the spiciest, wildest and best season yet.

Hidden behind one of our over-the-top and elusive masks will be Snapdragon, with a voice so powerful it gives our superstar guessing panel goosebumps and even reduces Chrissie Swan to tears.

Which powerhouse performer is behind the mask? And will our crack unit of powerhouse detectives made up of Mel B, Abbie Chatfield, Dave Hughes and Chrissie Swan be able to guess correctly?

Knew who that was within the first 10 seconds… hard to mask that voice!

Who knows the masks names and pictures please

If you go to the Facebook page for The Masked Singer Australia there’s a post for each madk there.

Are you replying or is it laggy

wtf. theyre obviously alluding to Kylie but its probably someone like Dr Karl. But still no thats just too much information!

“Neighbours royalty” could be some d-grade actor that appeared on Neighbours for a short stint some 20 years ago. Of course the adverts want us to assume its going to be a big name star.

The term “loyalty” is often used in these sorts of showa.

Is there media kit or official poster

Are there 12 masks

10 have been revealed.

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