The Masked Singer

10 has secured The Masked Singer


Finally someone’s picked this up. Hopefully it will be a hit.

Was hoping that Seven might pick this up but a good get for 10 I suppose.


Good luck to Ten trying to keep the identities of the singers secret. They couldn’t even make the announcement regarding acquisition of the format rights on their own terms. The place leaks like sieve so I suspect the identities of those involved will be common knowledge before the first show goes to air as is the case with I’m a Celebrity.


From the moment I heard that Aussie networks were considering it I thought the same thing. We have a lot of spiteful and vengeful people in the media here too who have been on the warpath and will try to wreck this.


Good pick up for 10.

I have been watching it myself and it really is quite entertaining.

During the NFL playoffs they were promoting it extensively… seems to be a big hit.

Do we really have that many famous Aussie singers that would do this? also yeah Dailymail get wind of it and they will just ruin it.

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The show doesn’t just feature singers - it has a wide range of ‘celebrities’

That sounds ominous. We could potentially get a slew of former contestants from reality shows as masked singers as they try to extend their fifteen minutes of fame.


We have many Australian singers who were famous throughout 1980s, 1990s and 2000s but disappeared from the music scene. If there is an Australian version of The Masked Singer, they can be lured to perform at the show so viewers will get to know them again.

If this is true what a great pick up! Something differant!

I do worry 10 have too many celebrity shows. I’m a celebrity, Dancing With The Stars and now Masked Singer. Surely they will just end up using the same celebrities.

Grant Denyer to host ? :frowning:

Were they any good?

How dare you?

The 80s and 90s were a boom time in Australian music here and overseas.


God no! :joy:

Please no.

Someone like Sarah Harris would be great.

Somebody completely different would be better.


It probably won’t be though. Seems like this show is extremely expensive. Doubt they will pay extra for a host off the books.