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Returns March 29, couldn’t come soon enough for the network really!


Amanda and Chris will be very busy, filming two shows in a week.


Don’t they have a few recorded episodes from late last year? I’m sure they were doing that in previous years.


Honestly I wouldn’t call that very busy, both presenters have probably done more previously.


Amanda also has her WSFM breakfast show on weekdays.


Landscaper Matt Leacey joining the show this year replacing Jamie Durie who is now signed with House Rules.

He previously co-hosted Nine’s Garden Gurus and three seasons of Domestic Blitz, as well as regular weekly & monthly magazine columns.



I like the show but am a bit worried that it might not fire as it used to. The lacklustre performance of 10’s primetime in general and that they’re rating badly on Fridays doesn’t help the return of the show.

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Having it being out of circulation for as long as it has been will be a challenge, but it seems to have a solid fan base who hopefully will flock back when the show returns.


Just saw the ratings for yesterday and pleased to report that they haven’t collapsed in a heap like previously and the show maintained its core audience. It also helped 10 to a double digit share for the main channel last night.

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Thanks for reporting :+1: