The Living Room

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Russell Coight on Friday


So when is The Living Room filmed? Does it share the same studio as Pointless? Does it mean the set has to be assembled and dismantled every week?


Yes Living Room, pointless and this saturday night show all in the same studio. Not sure if shows are in differant corners but id say it dismantled and set up for each show.


I believe TLR is filmed on a Wednesday night I’m pretty sure.


So why not dismantle the set earlier?


Could be other commitments filming in there?

Not sure it’s a big issue though, they’ve got 5 1/2 hours before going on air to change the set panels over and get set-up. Studio 10 and Ten News do it every weekday so their studio crew, who I assume will mostly be the same will be pretty accustomed to doing that.



Tonight’s episode has a Halloween theme. All four hosts and the audience were dressed up for the occasion!




Why do we have to wait until April for the new season? Could Amanda be hosting Dancing with the Stars before that? Better Homes and Gardens launches its season usually on the last Friday in January or the first Friday in February.


She would be as Ten have stated that Dancing will air in the first quarter of the year. Seeing that I’m a Celebrity is set to premiere January 13 and run for 4 weeks, I am tipping Dancing to premiere in February.


Living room usually a 48 week program? With repeats over summer… does this mean less living room? What’s the plan for 7:30 Fridays?


Maybe Changing Rooms until the new season of The Living Room starts?


New hosts tonight :wink:


Show Me The Movie is back Friday 8 February at 7.30pm. Is The Living Room being rested?


6pm weeknights?


But aren’t they just about to record new episodes of Pointless?


The show only runs for 42 weeks of the year, I’d guess that this is just 10 ensuring they have first run programming every night of the week this year and while the show is on a break.


The Living Room returns in April.


I believe it was mentioned at the upfronts last year.

But in any cases, if this means that 10 is going to invest in a variety of other programs on Fridays like Show me the Movie then that can only be a good thing.