The Living Room

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Seven Days Until The Living Room Makes Your Life Easier.

Jamie Durie and Grant Denyer Join Amanda Keller And Miguel Maestre For A Special Series Return.

New Season Starts 9 February At 7.30pm.


In just one week, Network Ten’s award-winning lifestyle program The Living Room returns in 2018 for a premiere stacked with amazing adventure, delicious desserts, gorgeous gardens and plenty more, starting Friday 9 February at 7.30pm, only on TEN and WIN Network.

The host of Family Feud and All Star Family Feud, Grant Denyer, and Australia’s favourite landscaper Jamie Durie join Amanda Keller and Miguel Maestre on the couch in a spectacular series return featuring all The Living Room staples, including a hilarious edition of Hot Or Not.

Taking things outside of the studio, Amanda gives Grant the challenge of stepping into Dr. Chris Brown’s very big shoes, with one very big adventure. As Grant discovers, however, bigger isn’t always better when he learns some of the sweetest things Sydney has to offer, are its smallest.

Oprah Winfrey’s very own green thumb, Jamie Durie, transforms a typical suburban backyard into a stunning tropical paradise to entertain families of any size, while Miguel reveals some fruity desserts for kids and adults alike to beat the heat outside.

Finally, Amanda heads to the Garvan Institute of Medical Research to learn about a fantastic way everyone can easily do their bit to fight against cancer.

Coming up later this season, The Bachelor Australia’s Matty Johnson and I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! favourite Kris Smith are on the couch, with Matty heading to New Zealand for a once in a lifetime adventure, while Kris tees off on the world’s longest golf course and explores Australia’s breathtaking Nullarbor.

The Living Room Makes All The Right Moves.

Friday, 16 February at 7.30pm.

Network Ten’s TV Week Logie Award-winning lifestyle program The Living Room is back with plenty more tips and tricks to make your life easier this Friday, 16 February at 7.30pm, only on TEN and WIN Network.

Joining Amanda Keller and Miguel Maestre for another episode are Australia’s favourite landscaper Jamie Durie and Family Feud host Grant Denyer, who takes a high-octane trip straight down the highway to the danger zone, experiencing 20 minutes of aerobatic manoeuvres at 800 kilometres per hour in an Albatross Fighter Jet.

While Grant does his best Top Gun impersonation, Amanda embarks on a mission impossible of her own: use her skills in espionage to locate one of the top secret celebrities before they head into the South African jungle for Network Ten’s family entertainment sensation I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!.

James Treble, Kyal and Kara engage in some risky business when Amanda sets them the first design challenge of 2018, and Miguel celebrates Chinese New Year by heading to Melbourne in search of a few good dumplings.



I don’t know if these pics are of any interest, but a mate went to a recording today.


This week’s promos have been running with little teasers for next week with Amanda. I’ve seen 2. The first one she says “I’ve been doing a bit of renovating…come into a brand new Living Room Next Week”. And in the next one she is standing next to a crate stamped TV Presenter saying “Oh look, a special delivery from Africa. Must be Dr Chirs back in the living room Next week”

So the Good Friday show it appears will have a new set and Dr Chris back on the couch.



Looks like a fairly large studio there at Ten Sydney!



Sneak peek of the new set


Along with the new set tonight, which looks quite big and spacious (even if they have repurposd a few elements) and homely so to not be too unfamiliar to viewers there are also new on screen graphics and transitions also.



The textured couch was strobing on screen


That watermark is appalling and crossing the line


Indeed. It’s a disgrace.

Was trying to watch Entertainment Tonight and the horrid watermark covered the pop up info bars about the show and subtitles.


You think that’s bad, try watching on WIN.


I actually watched this on WIN last night and I think I’d rather that than what Ten was serving up, however both networks are becoming as bad as each other for their intrusive and unnecessary so called watermarks.


Barry will feature on Stellar magazine tomorrow (Sunday) discussing his cancer diagnosis and treatment.




Barry Du Bois will celebrate his upcoming 58th birthday on the set with his co-hosts in this Friday’s episode.